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Out of the Box Engagement Party Ideas

So, your partner has finally popped the question, and you are engaged to be married- congratulations to you! But the next big question is, how do you plan your engagement party? There are several aspects to arranging this party, but the biggest one would be to decide upon the party theme. Here are a few out-of-the-box ideas that will not look copied at all.

  1. Taste Wine, Cheese, and More:

How about a wine and cheese party? Spread out tables of different wines and cheese samples for your guests to enjoy. If you like this idea and wish to extend this further, you can also set up luxurious charcuterie platters and grazing tables by Luxe Bites, a Los Angeles-based company. Their hand-curated charcuterie platters and Instagram-worthy and grazing table spread suits every special occasion. For more information, visit

  1. Set Up a Separate Dessert Table:

If you have guests who got a sweet tooth, setting up a separate dessert spread with white chocolate strawberries, truffles, cheesecakes, etc., will actually grab the attention of your guests and will be something they can remember. A new trend that is really quirky is a donut board where you can hang all types of donuts for your guests to relish. Do not forget to serve hot coffee and tea along.

  1. Arrange for a Picnic:

Your engagement need not be a formal affair if you want it to be fun. Why not organize a picnic party instead? Use streamers as decorations and small picnic baskets to place condiments. To add more fun vibes, serve chips and beer with an addition of fun music.

  1. Plan a Cozy Bon-fire:

Now this one is a really romantic idea which most couples will enjoy. Who does not love to eat s’mores along the ocean side? Another benefit is that this would be a low-key event, hence very pocket-friendly.

  1. Surprise Your Guests:

If you have not announced your engagement yet, you can actually surprise your guess by making the announcement during the party. Just invite them for a general party at a Cincinnati 5 star restaurant with happy hour and when everyone gathers, make the announcement. This will amaze your guests and make the party more eventful.

  1. Host an At-Home Event:

Sometimes you do not realize that you’re living in a perfect engagement venue. If you have a small guest list, why not invite them home for the party? You will save a lot of money which can be made use of to make your wedding celebration bigger. Hire a caterer and bartender to take care of the food and drinks aspect so that you can focus on enjoying the party.

  1. Give Back:

This one is a really unique idea that is quite thoughtful. It is your special day which you can make memorable for others as well by giving away. You can make use of local artisans for decorations, ensure that the food is ethically sourced. Ask your friends to not give you gifts but, as a gift, make charitable contributions. This way, your happy day will be memorable for many others as well.

The Bottom Line:

While a traditional engagement party is what most guests would expect, you can implement any idea from above, and we guarantee you that your engagement party is one that they will not forget for years to come.

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