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The Vital Role Of Journalism In The Time Of Crisis

Journalism is a perfect way to get connected with the whole world. It is a fact that journalists are activists and are ready to take over any news possible, but in the time of crisis, these people can prove to be a great source of communication and information. Some examples include World War 2(WWII) events, Palestine versus Israel, Covid-19 and its impact, and much more. Journalism has always been a great source of information, and with the revolution of the internet and social media, it has cut all the borders of restrictions.


  • Raising Awareness


Journalism is still considered one of the perfect ways to raise awareness when it comes to a serious issue. Journalism has changed its course with time — after social media has stepped into the world. People can raise awareness just by clicking certain buttons. Using hashtags and writing articles on a certain topic has become extremely popular, which proves one of the best ways to raise awareness of problems like child abuse and Covid-19.

How To Deal With A Certain Situation?

In recent times, people have no knowledge about dealing with certain situations. People lack knowledge. Only a few bright stars were blessed with the opportunity to study. Journalism then was a blessing that proved to make people aware of dos and don’ts in a certain situation. Today, social media has revolutionized and made the world a global village. You are now one click away from knowing anything new. We have web browsers, internet cafes with journalists, written and published their work, and findings on certain things.


  • Undercover The Truth


Talking about democracy, journalists play a vital role when it comes to undercover truth and exposing reality in front of people. Journalists are always ready to bring a change with accuracy, reliability, and timely. Journalists are professional people. Their information is extremely important, and they know their value. Let’s consider, if you are a journalist, and you just came to know that the daughter of the US embassy in Afghanistan, who was held captive, has been found, what would you do? A passionate journalist would never think of another thought and will find out the truth as soon as possible. Nick Gamache journalist is one of the best journalists who is always willing to share the truth with the people. Nick Gamache CBC began his career as a reporter, writer/editor, producer with CBC/Radio Canada, and eventually became a senior producer for CBC’s political program, the House.


To sum up, journalists play a vital role when it comes to making things right and serving the country. Journalism has changed with time. People rely on facts, and journalism is one of the sources that provide authentic information to people. When it comes to discovering the secrets, or raising awareness on a certain problem, or looking for a solution, journalists put forward the best solution under any condition. 

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