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Wooden swings have been a part of royal culture since time immemorial. Hence, they already carry high aesthetic value in their simple and artistic designs. Wooden swing sets also carry a rustic appeal and often exude the old-world charm. Be it at home or social gatherings; a wooden swing set can be the appealing attraction everyone looks for.

Even on gloomy days, spending a few minutes swinging on a well-decorated wooden swing can help you unwind and ease out remarkably. With a multitude of values it offers, no wonder having a wooden swing set within the home premises makes it stand out in the locality.

Well, they are already high in aesthetic appeal. Nevertheless, you can enhance its exquisiteness by implementing innovative decorative ideas.

7 ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a wooden swing:

  1. Keep the surrounding airy and light

Too much of stuffiness around a wooden swing lowers its charm and allure. Besides, it will also have a clunky appearance which may look unappealing to the eye. So, declutter the space around the place where this swing set is suspended.

  1. Set up a table with ornamental glass vessels

Set a small table on the swing’s side. Gather some artistically ornamented glass vessels on it. If you prefer, you can also arrange it like a mini-bar. These expressive pieces of art will amplify the elegance of the zone, giving the place a warm and welcoming look.

  1. Add subtlety with straw and ruttle

Items made of these rustic decorative elements can give the wooden swing a beguiling look, with a touch of delicacy. Elementary pieces like hanging lanterns and textured coverings made of rattan magnify the refinement of wooden swings.

  1. A string of lights for a subdued panache

Well, it won’t be wrong to say wooden swings are full of potential and can be designed in numerous different ways to reflect moods and emotions. Try decorating a string of diffused yellow lights around the swing chains and see the subdued panache unfurl.

  1. Piling on cushions to bring comfort

No decoration can get more cost-effective than throwing in some sassy pillows. With the help of this upholstery, you can display the self-assuring style you believe in. Choose the colours and patterns of your choice. Just make sure to keep it simple for the elegant touch.

  1. Add vintage pieces of art

Add vintage lanterns around the corners of your porch or patio where the wooden swing is suspended. You can also decorate the area with antique barrels to give it an old-world feel. Keep the colours of these lamps or barrels to basic rustic brown.

  1. Play with royal shades of bright colours

Aesthetics and royalty go hand in hand. If willing to add a regal touch to your wooden jhoola, play with colours that have a royal association like Azure, turquoise, teal, ultramarine, etc. The colours will not only bring in a lavish feel but will also spread calmness for the presence of blue colour in a natural surrounding.

Go for your swing décor with all these alluring designing ideas. Invite friends and neighbours to gain praise for the sense of luxury you carry. It will also make for a perfect spot to spend quality family time.

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