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Are you currently wishing your career was something else? Do you feel stuck and aren’t sure what to change?

Even if you took a wrong turn in your career, it’s still possible to get back on track.

First of all, try to figure out what’s lacking in your current job. After you identify that, there are things you can do to fix it.

If you feel immensely stuck, consider viable options that will help you turn the tides and improve your current position before deciding otherwise and end up quitting to find a new occupation. It is crucial to remember that you need to have valid and great reasons for leaving your current position before you move forward to another company.

But, your efforts will reward you in the end. It doesn’t make sense to stay in a role that doesn’t fulfill you, so figure out a solution to improve your situation.

Here are seven reasons you feel stuck in your career and what you can do to change that.

1. Your Job No Longer Fits the Description

Even if you initially liked the position you got hired for, things can change.

Your manager may be giving you work that wasn’t in the job description. It could be overwhelming for you, especially if they’re projects you don’t normally do.

And, the new tasks could be taking time away from the work the company hired you to do.

If the work is coming from another co-worker, find out from your manager if these are tasks you should be doing.

Be careful with how you say things, though. You don’t want to give off the impression that you’re afraid of hard work.

Openly communicating with your boss is a positive thing, so don’t shy away from it. First, find out if you’re supposed to be doing specific tasks.

If you are and you’re not happy about it, ask if there is anything that can change. If you’re excelling at your job, your boss will welcome helpful suggestions.

2. You’re Not Making Enough Time to Relax

Throwing yourself into your career has its benefits, especially if it’s a new job.

But, although your employer wants to see your hard work, you can get burned out. Right from the get-go, you should set up some work boundaries.

Getting overtime and helping with special projects has its perks. (You get to learn more and add on to your skillset!) But there has to be a limit, especially if you need time to spend with family and take care of yourself.

If you end up overworked — you won’t perform well. So, if you find you’re working too much, be open with your boss about it. There may be another employee who can take a few things off your plate.

Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of rest you’re getting each night. It’s essential to get adequate sleep.

You should be able to give your job your all while working. And, when you’re not in the office, give your full attention to your family and self-care

3. You’re Not Surrounding Yourself With the Right People

Although you don’t usually have a choice who you work with at the office, do your best to find uplifting people.

Having at least one person you can go to with questions and concerns will go far.

While working on projects that require many colleagues, not everyone will get along. That’s why it’s crucial to develop skills to help you work through disagreements.

Things may get challenging at times. If that means you have to work harder to communicate, that’s alright.

But do your best to form relationships with positive employees. Look for ones who are also willing to help you learn new skills and improve existing ones.

Having motivational and encouraging colleagues will help you succeed.

4. You’re Unable to Progress in Your Career

Your employer told you when you got the job that there’s an opportunity to move your way up the ladder over time.

But, you’ve now been with the company for a while, and you’re unable to advance your career. It’s frustrating, and you’re not sure what to do to change that!

Be open with your superior and find out if there’s a solution. You should also ask if your current position will be long term. Things might have changed from your hire date up until now.

If that’s the case and your boss tells you that you can’t progress any further, it’s time to make some tough decisions.

It’s hard feeling stuck in a job where you can’t grow or increase your salary. So, find out if there’s any way that’ll change and if it won’t, let your boss know that it’s a deal-breaker.

5. You’re Not Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Getting complacent at a job can happen. But, that means you need to wake up and get out of your comfort zone.

Is there something you can improve at but haven’t made the time? Ask a manager or co-worker to coach you on it!

And, do you need to step it up during projects and pitch in more? Show your team you care and take the initiative!

Positively stretching your abilities can get you out of your comfort zone. Continue to get into the groove and find other ways to learn and grow as well!

6. You’re Not Brushing Up on Your Skills

If your position is evolving and you are not, there’s going to be a problem.

Even if your company doesn’t expect you to improve your skills, it’s good to do it not only for them but for you too.

Stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. For example, if you’re a social media specialist, always be aware of the changes. You should challenge yourself to stay current.

There are other ways to enhance your skills as well. Consider enrolling yourself in some classes to broaden your skills. The company you work for may be willing to pay for your education— ask and find out!

7. You Only Took the Job for the Money

Working at a place you dislike is frustrating. Even if you need the money, try to figure out a solution.

Perhaps you can work on forming a new skill set so you can get a job elsewhere doing something you love.

There might be another position you’d like to transfer to within the company. If that’s something that interests you, ask your boss if that’s a possibility. If you’re bringing enough to the table, they will hopefully work with you.

If that’s not an option, it may be time to leave. But, instead of quitting right away, take baby steps. With patience and dedication, you’ll find a new job that you enjoy much more

In Conclusion

Everyone experiences times when they feel less than thrilled to go to work. Or, you may realize that your line of work isn’t for you.

When you start to feel stuck, try to figure out a way to make it through the murky water.

First, you must identify what is making you feel that way. Communicate with your boss and let them know of your frustrations.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed because of something you can improve, it’s time to get busy! Start making the changes so you can excel and prosper in your line of work.

Don’t let too much time go by before doing what it takes to alter your situation. You deserve to thrive and grow in a position that suits your skills.

So, stay the path and make positive changes so you can move forward in your career!


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