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This is something beyond the imagination intelligent, secure, convenient and easy to use. The first home security assistant with artificial intelligence Momo is integrated into a matchless modern looking lamp that can be placed anywhere. You can connect all your home security sensors with Momo to keep your eyes at every moving object playing with gesture control is like fun. Momo’s artificial intelligence carefully studies your routine and manages your home. Even though Momo has all control of your home, kitchen and other appliances. It always prioritizes your choice. Every morning we are all hurrying to be on time and often forget to turn off any device, relax! Momo is at home wherever a new device is plugged in Momo automatically connects with it. Wondering about your privacy option, relax! You are the boss just disconnect the video and audio features a peaceful worry-free life like never before.

KeyWe Smart Door Lock

Unlike other locks available market it’s not just password accessible. We have multiple unlocking options that will make your life hassle-free as well as comfortable. Keywe is also NFC enabled so just keep your phone at 3 centimeters away and unlocked. You can also try a keycard it’s as easy as never before and of course we should not miss the traditional feature of using a physical key. KeyWe makes a locking process two times simple and 100% secured. Team KeyWe has come true the idea of designing a smart lock that interacts with your Bluetooth and other mobile widgets. For Airbnb hosts, there’s also a guest key function which works just like a hotel key. Your guests don’t even need to register to KeyWe. Do you receive frequent courier delivery? Relax, with opted you’ll never miss that KeyWe also supports other hubs available on the market. Keywe smart lock is designed to sync all smart home hubs such as Alexa or z-wave.


Every morning what makes your life comfortable and secure at home, you are connected to a number of devices that ensure the security of you and your family. However, such stationary security devices can’t be with your loved ones all the time. But relax, now EZVIZ will be with your family whether they stay indoors or go outdoors. EZVIZ knows what family means to you. Even when you are not home with EZVIZ app you can check easily who steps in out. A mini trooper camera is absolutely free from massive wires. So you can experience the comfort the mini trooper is completely free from wire so you can place it anywhere you want to see. Installation is easy and you can operate all EZVIZ devices using a simple app. The base station provides secure storage up to a keg of ice and can support six mini trooper cameras. Mini trooper is also convenient to other smart hubs such as like Alexa. This mini smarty has a strong battery, so you can record everything for up to nine months. Isn’t it cool the mini trooper provides HD quality recording with proprietary compression technology to deliver an outstanding video every time. Troopers multi-layer security and end-to-end video encryption keep your data safe for a long period. EZVIZ mini trooper the perfect security.

Fred One-Touch

This is going to a beauty mirror of the next generation. This shiny mirror is crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Every component of this stylish mirror is refined so, that it can enhance the premium feel at your house just have once and you’ll enter in a new world. Fred provides you a number of music from any genre for everyone also, detects polluted components and purifies the air with advanced technology. That’s not all it’s water-resistant anti-mist and absolutely eco-friendly. No matter you place it on the bathroom wall or outside hall it’s compatible everywhere.

Moen Smart Shower

Moen is a digital shower controller for your everyday need. With Wi-Fi and could support Moen lets you create 12 preset and customize your shower temperature. You can also set a temperature schedule using your smartphone or shower controller. Considering your requirements we’ve come up with two outlet and four outlet options. The simple but stylish design is suitable for any bathroom wall. The smart heat detection technology lets you know when your shower is ready and automatically saves water if you’re not there. And it’s lifetime warranty period provides you peace of mind. You buy Moen smart shower for smart people.

Awair Glow Air System

Indoor air is five times more polluted than outdoor. That can cause allergies, asthma, eczema sleep and much more. Now we have Awair this smart device tracks toxins and other components and air and helps you with personalized tips so, you can stay clean and safe. The smart sensors study five key factors to determine the key quality of dust, chemicals, co2 humidity and temperature. You can check the improvement through the tracking record on your phone. Awair is also compatible with other smart devices like Alexa, Google home, IFTTT, Nest and more Awair a smart solution.

Roomba 890

In routine hectic life, we are too busy to clean the frequent mess but feel free. Your frequent companion iRobot is at work. Going on vacation can be untidy relax, set a cleaning schedule and iRobot app and just press the clean. IRobot is obedient Roomba 890 walks through all around the house and clean dust and dirt from the depth. With the help of an advanced navigation system, it sweeps dirt from edges and corners. Floor detection sensors help the robot to move from hard floor to carpet and thresholds its Roomba. Under furniture or around clutter iRobbot cleans efficiently everything. It’s unique three-stage cleaning system loosens lifts and suctions dirt, dust and large debris. Roomba 890 cleans for up to 60 minutes and automatically goes back to the power station. You can easily set a daily schedule for robot and with iRobot app, you can manage everything from anywhere. You take rest to let Roomba iRobot do its best.

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