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Are you planning to build a big data career and analyzing how worthwhile will it be to earn a Big Data Hadoop Certification? If yes, then this is the right place to seek the top reasons to pursue a big data certification.

As per a study conducted by a top league business intelligence as well as analytics service organization named TimeXtender, the market value of Hadoop big data analytics will reach to $38.5 Billion within 2016-2022. This study predicted a CAGR of 26.5 percent.

This indicates that the demand for Hadoop analytics will shoot up at a rocket-fast speed any time now. It is no news that companies are surviving on data. Their revenues depend on gathering and comprehending relevant customer data. Hence, there is going to be a staggering need for competent data analytics professionals.

Reasons to pursue Big data Hadoop Certification Course

  1. There is a noticeable gap between the demand and supply of big data skills in the labor market. New job opportunities for professionals with big data and Hadoop knowledge is mushrooming every minute, but there are not enough individuals to fill the vacant position in this sector. So for professionals, especially from the tech zone, can earn a big data certification to get a leg up for building a career in this area of work. This will help them stay ahead of their peers while competing for leading roles in the big data world.
  2. The big data market is projected to be worth $46.34 billion this year which shows that a myriad of companies from a long line of sectors are gearing up to embrace the power of data by hiring an in-house employee who can be the go-to person for task related to data analysis. Therefore, this is the best period for tech professionals to seize one of the top big data certifications in the market. Employers are more than eager to invest in employing big data and Hadoop professionals as big data moves from its exploratory phase to a full-fledged acceptance period.
  3. The last but not the least point is connected to the first one. Since we have established the fact that organizations are willing to spend big bucks on big data and Hadoop technology. That shall encourage them to hire experts from this field and this lofty demand for tech professionals will certainly push them to pay high salaries to such individuals. And, what can be a better reason to go for a career in this domain. Going by the survey conducted by Indeed, Data analysts and developers are annually fetching as high as $64,986 and $104,706, respectively.

Hence, a big data Hadoop certification will prepare you to handle the large-scale projects in this industry and make you seem like a promising candidate to employers during interviews.

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