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For new mums, the joy of having a baby usually overcomes all the inconveniences and difficulties that accompany the early postpartum phase. Even so, much can be done to alleviate the trials and fully enjoy the new life. 

Postpartum shapewear is a way of helping to support the body through the natural healing and restoration period, while temporary figure-shaping can also benefit emotionally. 

There are then, medical, emotional, and practical solid reasons to wear shapewear in the first postnatal stage of recovery. Here are the main reasons to wear a postpartum body shapewear.

Assists Natural Recovery

Postpartum shapewear should not be confused with normal shaping underwear or pre-natal maternity support bands. The correct postpartum belt or girdles are specially designed to give body support to the new mum while natural healing takes place. 

This type of shapewear will help bring abdominal muscles and organs back into alignment. The light compression should give back support and straighten the spine as well as assisting the uterus to shrink back to prenatal size.

Gives Comfort

The downside of post-pregnancy can be a time mums have to cope with physical and mental exhaustion, soreness, and discomfort. Many users of special shapewear find relief from these symptoms with the additional abdominal and back support, especially when breastfeeding or lifting a newborn.

Reduces Back Pain

The hormone Relaxin is released during pregnancy to prepare the body for birth by easing the pelvic ligaments and widening the cervix. After birth, the body will return to normal as the Relaxin diminishes. 

During this time some mums will experience lower back pain, exacerbated by lifting and carrying the new baby. Wearing the correct type of bodywear can help by stabilizing the pelvic floor as well as supporting the back and abdominal muscles.

Reduces Swelling and Fluid Retention 

This is also a natural postnatal process but wearing the postpartum support-wear can help relieve this problem and reduce overall stress. 

Eases Emotional Distress

It is normal for women to want their figures back after birth. The postpartum shapewear can ease this distress by pulling in post-natal loose skin and swelling and allowing a speedy return to exercise and keep fit. 

Many exercise studios and online trainers include programs for new mums specially designed to get them back into shape quickly. Shapewear makes this a lot more comfortable and assists muscles to return to normal.

C-section Births

A support postpartum garment is often advised by doctors for post-surgical recovery, including C-section births when that support is most needed. The shaper can also protect the stitches and wounds from opening up and risking infection.

Diastasis Recti

This is an uncomfortable condition experienced quite frequently by new mums. During pregnancy, as the uterus stretches, the abdominal muscles can separate and form a gap making the stomach stick out. The body shaper can encourage nature’s natural recovery, hide the protrusion, and enable correcting exercises during that time. 


Pregnancy demands a lot of changes in a woman’s body over 9 months and the return to normal may take some time. A postpartum body shaper can ease discomfort and promote rapid recovery, solid reasons for a new mum to consider wearing one.


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