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Hair PatchesHair Patches

 People, who suffer from hair loss and thinning of hair, feel uncomfortable and lack confidence. To regain this confidence, now they have many choices. The availability of hair accessories like wigs, extensions, hair patches, hair systems and wefts etc. help people with hair complications to get their desired look and gain sureness about their appearance. As hair patch reviews vary according to the experience of an individual, it is up to you to decide by the end of this write-up, whether hair patches is a good choice or not.

What should I know more about hair patches?

Before selecting it as a solution to your hair loss, it is your duty to get enough information regarding the treatment so that you make the right choice.

Are there any types of hair patches?

There are not many types of hair patches, but the base quality and the material quality varies.

  1. Some of the hair patches are created with the help of synthetic hair, while the others are made of natural human hair. The natural hair patch provides your hairline natural look and amazing makeover.
  2. Texture should also be compatible to your natural hair so that it doesn’t create an odd appearance.
  3. The material used for making the base of a hair patch is the most important part. There are no prominent hair patch side effects, but if a low quality base is used in a hair patch it can cause allergic reaction or an infection. Apart from this, hair patch is risk free. Polymers are more durable, when taken care properly can last up to 12 months.

How do I know if the hair patch is good?

Other than the above mentioned factors, how would consumers know that hair patch is good or bad? So to make the point more clear I’d mention more points which make it easy for you to understand if it’s good or bad.


The life time of a hair patch depends on its quality as well as how well it is taken care of. Other than this, each product has it own life time, how long will it last, a week, a month or 6-12 months.

Moreover, trendy methods which are used for manufacturing long lasting hair systems include weaving, fusion and bonding.

Hair Quality

The quality of a hair increases the life of a hair system. A superior quality hair used to create the hair patch increases the life span of hair patch and lasts long with its original shape and appearance.

Hair Color

Straight hair styles with dark shades require minimum treatment, while curly wavy hair with lighter shades needs more handling. But the hair patch generally lasts up to 6 months when handled properly with great care.

Is Hair Patch Permanent?

No, a hair patch is not permanent. You can consider it as an advantage; if you’re not satisfied you can get this method reversed. You can wear it every day or wherever you feel like wearing, its completely up to you

Is hair patch detectable? A common question asked by people. No, a hair patch is not detectable. You can get it attached to your scalp with the help of glue or some other technique, which can make it completely undetectable.

Cost of Hair Patch

When considering hair patch solution, the first thing that comes into your mind is how much hair patches cost. The hair patch is very affordable in comparison to the hair transplant surgery. A hair transplant surgery is not possible for everyone to get, while the hair patch system can be easily done by anyone as it is very economical method of hair transformation.

So, hair patch is the most economical and risk free, quick fix to your hair issues. You can search for Q6 hair patch price in Pakistan online and compare the prices of different sellers and then pick the right one according to your budget.

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