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Twitter is currently among the top three social platforms for businesses to grow and boost their base. Its userbase is forever growing with people cutting across geographies and interests using it to stay in touch with the world around them. If used aptly, a company can gain a lot out of regular tweets and engagement with followers. Sadly, not many brands are using Twitter as it should and naturally letting benefits go away from them. The focus should be on attracting followers so that what you say on the platform finds an audience for brand awareness.

Here are some of ways to attract and engage followers on Twitter –

  1. Set up a genuine Twitter bio

Your Twitter bio and profile picture will be key to success on this ever-growing social network. They will be the tool to make the first impression, so be careful with them. The Twitter bio you create should be informative and interesting so that followers find reason to attract to you. If you’re an individual, it’s always required to use a real photo in profile; companies can use logo as well. Further, you must add real location and if possible, URL of the website to make the bio worth capable of attracting attention.

  1. Make connections and have conversations

When on Twitter, the focus should be engaging with people or followers so that meaningful connections can be formed. The conversations you have on the platform help boost the presence and create brand awareness. It’s also important to check any mentions of your business or yourself so that you can respond back and connections could be formed. Make sure you check @mentions, retweets (RTs) and reply to anyone engaging with the business. And yes, it’s important to engage in conversation if your company or brand name is mentioned there.

  1. Don’t automate, post in real-time

There are tons of tools available to automate everything on Twitter, but you should avoid that and rather try to post things in real time. This will ensure personal touch to your conversations and engagements, which has a merit on social network. In addition, you must respond to mentions and retweets to boost engagement. It’s also important to thank anyone who either mentions you, retweets or add you to the favourite list. By engaging in real-time, you will definitely attract more followers on Twitter.

  1. Create Twitter Lists

Creating Twitter lists is quite a helpful way to connect with others and boost the number of your followers. This also helps you categorize people based on specific interests and information. When you have created such lists, you will easily find people or brands that are useful to you. It will also help check information in a quick and streamlined way, thus saving time and inconvenience along the way. You can create at least 20 lists on Twitter and easily be in the loop for those groups.

  1. Use Twitter lists of other users

It’s good to have Twitter lists on own and you can get more benefits by using the lists of other user as well. It’s also a good strategy to follow the lists of others in the category, say that of influencers and thought leaders. You can also follow the lists of companies relevant in the niche to broaden the appeal of the business. A business can also think of following lists of motivational speakers or anyone who mentions brands. Plus, it’s easy to find the lists of others on Twitter which you can use for advantage and increase followers and engagement easily.

  1. Engage with people who love your content

When on Twitter, it’s always beneficial to engage and communicate with people who love your content. There will be people more interested in your content or tweets and you better to focus on them, respond to them and connect to them to achieve brand awareness targets and boost your followers. You should thus create of list of such people to give your content or tweets a better engagement or coverage. By engaging with them on a regular basis, you can win their trust, get mentions and retweets and like and increase the count of followers on the platform.

  1. Be an active part of Twitter hashtag chats

Hashtag chats are a great way to connect with like-minded group of people on Twitter. At any particular point of time, there will be lots of topics which you can be part of using hashtags # and then give inputs to topics of common interest. Such chats generally last for an hour and a moderator guides that and involves sponsor companies and guests. You can follow the hashtag and make your presence felt in the conversations. You can avail social media consulting services and get the most out of Twitter for your business.




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