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SEO simply stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.

SEO in simple words decides what will be the position of your web page when someone searches for the keywords related to your web page. While this seems simple but is very hard to understand what the actual meaning of SEO is, many start-ups and even many small business owners who are not from the business background are not aware of the insight of the SEO.

So at first let’s discuss what SEO means?

Webopedia gave the definition to SEO which is, “ a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high ranking placement in the search result page of a search engine (SERP) – including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.”

So this was the definition but if we talk about SEO in simple words than it simply implies to improving the position of your webpage in the results of webpages that comes when some related keywords are searched and to keep the one’s page on the top of the search results so that the number of visitors to the site improves. As the goal of every page present in the market is to improve the numbers of visitors or the visibility of the page on search engines, then one should always stay concerned about the SEO Services.

What are those factors that affect the position of my Website in search engines results? Or simply “How is the well-Optimised site I have?”

The defined meaning of SEO is very complex to understand as it includes algorithms of Google and their work process which is not easy to understand as it changes from time to time and even everything about its work process is not publicly disclosed, so what actually makes everything happen is hard to understand but we can look for what points makes a difference in the results of searches and what increases the position of the page or what actually affects everything in a general manner:-

1. Keywords research –

Keywords search is not the only or the most important factor to decide the position of the webpage in the results but yes, it is one of the factors that can affect the search and the results as well. For becoming the optimized website one has to come up with the required keywords which will help the user to search with and which will be related to your website and with the use of the same one can see your website in the results. So the first and foremost step is to decide on the targeted audience and than the keywords and phrases they used most to get your website as a result and than prioritizing those keywords and key phrases  to have your webpage or website on the top of the results.

2. Content and Content Architecture – 

The power of any website lays in its contents, if you have the related content which your user is searching and will come to your page again and again than your half battle is won. If your website is providing the most useful content related to keywords search than your page will be prioritised in the search results as the work of Google, Bing and other search engine is to provide the best results and to provide users with the links of sites that have related content to their search words. So be sure to have best and most related content to the keywords and key phrases.

3. Mobile Friendly Website Development –

Now a day everyone have a mobile phone in their hands and everyone is using the internet on it. So to Search for anything mobile phone is their first resort. So to be on the top of the results and to have more of the visitors on your website make sure your website is easily accessible from the mobile phone too and is easy to understand even on mobile phone. In fact after 2015 Google made it their one of the factor to prioritize the website, if the website is not mobile-friendly then it will not be in the results of the search.

4. Social Marketing – 

Social Marketing has come up as the most effective way to promote your website on social sites. This can be done by the help of your users or followers, they can share their experiences and your content on their social page and this may result in more visitors on your website. And social influence is becoming a rage in today’s time so if any a social influencer is sharing your site then the chances are really high that your website will be in the best results, as even search engines are looking for social influence in creating the results.

5. Link to your Website – 

Think that if the link of your website is shared by one reputable website or page than their follower or user will definitely look for your website for once at least and many may find what they are looking for on your page and this may result in the more usage of your website. Which in the end is business for you? So make sure that your website search has the right keywords and key phrases to search for and they are directly related to your target audience.

So this was SEO in general, it might help you to make your webpage worth the searches and may help you to get your website in the best search results.  In sum up, everything is dependent upon the best content and best keywords for search. So if these two things are sorted at your part than it will not be hard for you to make your webpage or website a most visited and viewed website from all. And it will be in the best results of the searches. Furthermore, this will definitely add upon on your business.

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