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Coliving spaces, also known as Co-housing, house-sharing, room sharing is a new trend that is getting traction in large cities. In the coliving, a group of people, mostly strangers from different areas, live together in a space for a short period. This allows them to have a common living as well as save money and a more affordable lifestyle. 

House in the coliving includes 2-3 bedroom units with common areas such kitchen, dining area, living area. Bedrooms can be shared and private depending on the choice of people who are opting for the Coliving. 

Coliving is different from the rented shared rooms. As the coliving places are furnished from time to time and they don’t need the long lease as the rented shared rooms. In the coliving places, all kinds of facilities are included such as WiFi and utilities, housekeeping services and tenants, housemates. Coliving property managers keep the tab on maintaining the building and other expenditures through the apps. 

This prevalence of coliving is prevalent mostly among the youngsters and millennials who want to have the fun and thrill of living with total strangers.  More and more youngsters are getting to exploring this new trend. Shared rooms are tractions. It has become a kind of part of tourism for the youngsters. Through this article, we will explore things that you need to keep in mind that will make coliving NYC worth it.  

Don’t form the assumption but interact

This is one of the most important things while sharing the room. You often form the assumption about the person that you are sharing the room with. It makes matters complicated and you develop prejudices against the person.  It acts as a roadblock against the better relationship that you are going to form. Instead, you need to communicate with a person or a group of people that will clear things out, making it comfortable to cohabit with others. 

Respect each other’s spaces

Living with others in a shared space is a great idea, considering the benefits it offers. But at the same, you need to understand the boundaries of the person. You should not try to intrude into other’s lives. As the intrusion might create the annoyance and suffocation of others. You must respect the personal space of others. Understanding this simple thing will make living with others worthwhile. You are likely to form better relationships with others. 

Assume the good faith until seen otherwise

You are new to them and they are new to yours in the shared space. Don’t form negative thoughts towards her. Always make sure that you harbour positive vibes about the people you share the rooms with. A positive start will ensure that your whole journey will be good with that person. But harbouring the opposite views will serve the opposite purpose and will make things worse from the start. 

Don’t be submissive 

In the group of people that you are living with, you may be subject to submission, losing your own identity and becoming the puppet of others. This spoils the whole purpose of coliving. You need to be clear about your rights and you need to be able to assert them if you find yourself being subjected to submissiveness. Neither should you try to take advantage of others? You must not treat others in a way you don’t want to be treated by others. 

Be generous and kind

You need to be kind and generous by default. If you will be kind to others, it will cast a good impression on others, creating a better image of you in their mind. 

Enjoy yourself

Besides the affordable costs and lifestyle, the foremost purpose of the coliving is to have fun with strangers. You should keep this in your mind. You should make the most of it. We are social creatures and one of the most important things is to be involved with the social members. You should have fun with others as much as possible. 

Final words

This new trend of coliving is increasing day by day and many youngsters are opting for coliving for a variety of purposes. If you keep the above things in mind, you can make the most of coliving. 


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