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Every marketing strategy comes from the desire to develop the business and survive in the fierce competition, even if the budget is limited. That’s where promotions come in, one of the most effective and budget friendly marketing choices, and the other benefits they bring.

Some traditional marketing methods will not only bring pressure to the budget, but also their effect will be worse and worse as more and more millennials enter the decision-making role over time. Research shows that millennials are no longer interested in or trust traditional media, but eight out of ten people will keep Custom Logo Notebooks for more than a year, so about 88% of them also have a better impression of the brand.

Here are the benefits of using Custom Logo Notebooks and how they help make your brand memorable and trustworthy.

Who uses Custom Logo Notebooks?

In short, the answer is everyone.

From big companies to small businesses, even start-ups, every business can benefit from the advantages of Custom Logo Notebooks. The main reason is that the budget of promotional activities is affordable even for the smallest enterprises, and the effect is equally powerful.

However, several types of business have been heavily dependent on distributing such products. Here are the top industries where publicity materials create miracles:

Real estate: promotional items are better than any business card, so real estate agents always make sure that at least one promotional pen or Keychain is left for their customers to ensure that they return business and references.

Education: from Hoodie or T-shirt with school logo to notebook, diary, pen, hat, any university or high school will use all kinds of Custom Logo Notebooks to turn students into proud brand ambassadors. For students, wearing brand products is like conveying a kind of social status by showing their personal achievements accepted by a school.

Trade show Marketers: any trade show manager needs to attract visitors to their booth, and fun and unique freebies are the way to do that. From customized water bottles to laptops, personalized handbags and technology products with company logo, all Custom Logo Notebooks are fair games in these cases. The key, however, is to differentiate yourself by using really good quality products.

Healthcare: another important player in Custom Logo Notebooks is the healthcare industry. Promotional items, especially first-aid kits, are often used in hospitals, clinics and operation centers to ensure that all their patients or potential patients are kept in mind when anything happens.

Non profit organizations: NGOs are a perfect example of small businesses that, although they must closely manage and allocate budgets, choose to include Custom Logo Notebooks in their plans to promote their businesses. Because they rely on donations and community support, they need to arouse people’s interest and attention. That’s why they choose a wide range of items: glasses, handbags, silicone wristbands and lanyards.


Why use Custom Logo Notebooks? Do they matter?

Whether you decide to use Custom Logo Notebooks as separate marketing campaigns or integrate them as part of a more complex marketing campaign, they are almost always successful.

They can not only provide services by increasing the visibility of brands and services, but also improve the results of other initiatives. Sage ensures that adding promotional items to other marketing activities can increase the effectiveness of these activities by 44%.

Many studies confirm the view that most consumers prefer to do business with brands they are familiar with and trust, even if their prices are higher than those of less popular competitors. Therefore, in order to gain the trust of customers, more efforts must be made in marketing and communication strategies.


  • Numbers don’t lie!
  • Research done by the international Custom Logo Notebooks association shows how Americans react to the use of Custom Logo Notebooks as part of their marketing activities
  • 83% of American consumers surveyed like to receive Custom Logo Notebooks with advertising information
  • 48% would like to receive Custom Logo Notebooks more frequently
  • 38% of people think that Custom Logo Notebooks will constantly remind advertisers
  • But it’s not just about getting free stuff.


The conclusion of the same study is that although people are flooded by a lot of advertising information, Custom Logo Notebooks can effectively eliminate the confusion of information and accurately transmit information.

When it comes to the effectiveness of Custom Logo Notebooks, the above survey shows that more than 76% of the respondents remember the specific products they received in the past two years, their advertisers and their information.


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