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8 Best Logo Design Apps Helps You to Build a Brand within Your Phone

It is important for every business to have a logo for their brand. A logo offers identity and recognition to your brand and business. Earlier, businesses used to hire professional designers to design a logo for their brand. Professionals charge a hefty amount to design a high-quality logo.

However, with the availability of mobile apps, it is now easy to design a logo with the help of a smartphone. Users don’t even need a computer to design a logo for their business. With plenty of apps available on app stores, you need to choose the right app to design a high-quality logo. This post shares the top design apps to help you create a logo for your brand with the help of your phone.

Logo Maker shop

The Logo Maker Shop is a wonderful app that offers plenty of features. The app has over 1000 templates. Once you pick a template, you can adjust the text by choosing 200+ fonts. Users can add any symbol and background to customize the template for their brand.

The app offers free as well as paid logos, but even the free ones are wonderful and well designed. You can buy most of the pro logos at a cost as low as $10. The app is convenient to use and offers plenty of customization options for your logo. It is one of the best logo maker apps for modern businesses.

Logo Maker and Logo Creator

The logo maker and Logo Creator app help you create professional designs for the logo of your brand. The app is so simple to use that you can create a logo within minutes. It comes with preloaded graphics and fonts that you can select to create a unique design for your logo. Users can also use the app to create small projects like stickers. It is one of the best features is the ability to resize the minor details and the end product that is your logo.

Logo Maker


The Logo Maker is one of the easiest to use apps for android users. You can create a logo for your business within a few minutes. What makes this app special is that it offers its users an option to select from a wide range of templates. All you need is to select a template and add the name of your business, and your logo is ready. You can also modify the objects, characters, and elements in the template to offer a personal touch to your logo.

The drag and drop and spin elements make it quite easy to design or modify a template. However, you must ensure to choose the type of face and colors already used in your website design. Doing this is to ensure consistency in your logo and brand.

Logo Creator

The Logo Creator is the one that tops in popularity among all the logo maker android apps. Making logos is quite easy with the Logo Creator app. It offers plenty of ready to go templates to create a logo for your brand and business. Moreover, the user-friendliness of the app makes it worth using for even beginners who don’t know anything about design. Users need to input the characters and tap the create button to make a logo. The app also offers you a feature to post your logo directly to social media accounts or pages. Users can also save the logo to their smartphone memory or an SD card.



Makr is a logo design app that offers you to create logos not only for business but also for other events like weddings, monograms, college life, sports, events, and local gifts. Users can also start with a blank canvas and use their own shapes or pictures to create fantastic logos for their business. You can also change the text, icons, colors, and style as it offers full customization for its users. Once you create the logo, you can download it as a transparent file in PNG format.

Watercolor logo maker

Ass the name suggests, this app offers logos in watercolor style. The app is ideal for creating logos for businesses that run art stores or ice cream parlors, where colors play an important role. The watercolor logo makers offer you a variety of colors and texts to add to your logo. Users can choose the colors, add text, and customize the logo further in the app editor.

Quick Logo design

This is another powerful app that is highly popular for logo designers across the world. It offers users access to hundreds of templates and also customizes them with a variety of colors and fonts. Choosing a suitable template with the right font and colors is the key to create a perfect logo with this app. Users can also download the designs and save them on their phones. If you want to create a professional logo design for your business in a few minutes, nothing is better than Quick Logo Design +.

ICONA Logo Designer

If you want to use a variety of shapes in your logo, the ICONA Logo Designer app is the best solution for your brand. It offers you three options like text, shapes, and drawing. Users can click a shape and scroll through the options to adjust the color, opacity, and stroke.

There is a drawing icon in the app that allows you to draw any freestyle shape and use it in your logo. Although the interface is not simple, it offers a variety of icons and fonts for your design. It is the best app for logo brainstorming.

Final words

These are some best apps to create a logo design for business. Many apps offer you to download the created logo, and you can use it on your business app, website, or in your advertisements. However, some business owners want to use their logo on the walls of their physical store. They can hire professional services like painting services in Avalon to paint their logo on any wall or storefront.

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