Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Anyone who owns a vehicle need not be told how important it is to rotate the tires of a vehicle. It is a part of regular maintenance chores without which the wellbeing and safety of any vehicle will get hampered. But not every vehicle owner might now some basic rules about tire rotation, so we are here to put them together in simple words. 

The Right Time

Tire rotation as a basic component of preventative maintenance routine of a vehicle presupposes that it should be done in regular intervals to ensure a timely tire rotation. According to the tire experts of the center of Maple Shade tire rotation, tires should be rotated once in every six months or whenever the vehicle crosses 6,000 to 8,000 miles. To make sure, which is the ideal time to rotate the tires of your vehicle, check out the vehicle owner’s manual. 

Never to be Tried as a DIY Method

We all know, how thrilling it feels for a vehicle owner to ditch the mechanics or an auto body shop, when it comes to regular maintenance work for your vehicle. While changing oil, filter and tires can be safely done by any amateur driver, tire rotation is a thing that must never be tried as a DIY method. It is so because the process of tire rotation requires proper equipment and technical knowledge. It is not a job that you can do it yourself at home, since not only it can lead to serious injury but also because it can cause substantial damage to the tire and the wheel.

Rules to Follow

During the process of rotation, certain rules are to be followed meticulously.

To start with, each of the tires as well as the wheels must be removed from the vehicle and moved to a place where the wear of the tires can be tested out properly.

If irregular wear is noticed or if the rate of the wear on the tires is significantly different either from one axle to the other or across an axle, then the tires must be rotated after alleviating the condition. 

As each tire has different amount of weight because of the design of the vehicle, this inequality of weight distribution leads each tire to get worn out at different rates. 

What adds to the reasons of early wear of tires is aggressive driving style and hard braking.

Advantages of Rotating the Tires Early

The team of mechanics serving at the Maple Shade auto repair center suggest that a tire rotation is never too early, as it has got its own set of advantages.

They said that if done early, the process of tire rotation can identify or prevent the probabilities of irregular wear. But at the same time they also explained why it is so important to understand the reasons of irregular wear before starting the job of rotating the tires.

They demonstrated that if the issue is alignment or mechanical-related, that needs to be corrected right at the time of rotation. But if the wear is causing from driving-related reasons, it can only be prevented by rectifying the driving habits. 

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