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8 Best websites to watch free movies online

People love to watch online movies free of cost and there are many websites that provide this feature. For some websites, users can navigate to the website and start watching movies. There is a website in which users have to do free registration in order to watch the movies.

People can watch free movies online in the language of their choice. Most of these sites are legal to use and users can watch any number of movies in a day. If users want to use the websites on their mobiles, they can do so by installing the apps. The websites are updated regularly with new movies.

Some of these websites with their features have discussed here.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is one of the best websites to watch movies. The owner of this website is Sony Pictures. The website has many old and new movies, which users can watch online. There is no effect on the quality of the movie as it can be adjusted with any kind of screen. The movies also include short advertisements in between and their quantity is only a few.


It is a website that belongs to Screen Media Ventures. Many movies of different categories have been added to the website. These categories include drama, action, comedy thrill, horror, romance, and many others. No registration is needed to watch the movies. People just have to search for their movies and click Play to watch them.


Many categories of movies are available on this website. Users have the option of sorting the movies and select the one that they want to watch. The sorting options include animation, classic, family, action, and many others.

All movies on the website are not free to watch. Users need to pay for some of them to watch them. The quality of movies is the same as that of DVD and there are lots of advertisements, which may be irritating while watching the movies.


This is a website where users can watch movies free of cost. No registration is also needed. Users just have to navigate the website, search the movie and watch it.

There are many popular movies available n the website in different languages. Some of them also have a caption, which helps the users to understand the conversation between the actors. One great disadvantage is that any movie can be removed without any notice.


It is a new website in which there are many free movies available, which users can watch. There are many sorting options, which the users can use to sort the movies. Some of these options include drama, action, comedy, horror, etc. Users can also search for a movie by providing the title. If the movie is available, it will be displayed in the search result and users can click the link to play the movie.


There are many free movies available on the website. Besides movies, users can also watch their favorite TV shows. Not all movies and TV shows available for free but still, people can watch some of them. Another disadvantage is the presence of ads.


Users can find thousands of free movies on this website. There are a few ads available in each movie but they are short and it will not take much time to watch the whole movie. Some of the movies are available in 1080 pixels so their quality is also good.

The website consists of a new page where users can see the new movies added to the website. Users can watch movies of various categories like romance, comedy, horror, etc.

The Roku Channel

This is an online channel, which consists of various movies related to different category. Users can easily watch the content from this channel if they have a Roku TV. If Roku TV is not available, people can stream the movies on the computer or mobile and watch them.


There are many websites on which users can watch movies without paying any fees. Some of them have ads while some do not have. People must have a fast internet connection as it will remove the streaming time. If people do not want to watch movies online, they can download them and watch later.

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