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Booking Entertainment for a Bachelorette Party

In this article, we will see the world of stripping in the eyes of the people who work in this industry. Male erotic dancers or commonly known as strippers live a different life compared to their women counterparts. Believe it or not, the stripping industry is the only industry where women earned more compared to men.

Female strippers usually have offices in which they can conduct their services. It is usually in the form of stripping clubs, lap dancing bars where the clientele are traditionally males or in high-end places with tons of businessmen who are very generous with the tips. Female strippers typically work on a regular shift, with as many hours as they can muster in one week, depending on their comfort level.

The world of make stripping is different, divergent at the very least. Clubs with male strippers where women and gay people are the clienteles, have been popping out left and right over the years. But compared to strip clubs where women are the performers, male strip clubs are few in number and usually a monthly thing at established lap dancing bars and clubs, which run a one night per month ladies’ night. According to our experiences, there are a lot of strippers who perform in these bars due to monetary purposes.

The people that run based on commission basis seem to attract sells their bodies for the money. The demand between the two sectors is very different. Traditionally, men are always willing to pay for sexual services, especially the actual sexual act. In this modern age of enlightenment, the number of women who are willing to pay for these sexual services is still considered small.

They simply do not want to pay or think that spending money on these services is a waste of good cash. Dancers and strippers usually earn their living from performing in gay bars at ladies’ nights, private parties, for example, someone is looking for Nashville male strippers (the country’s number one bachelorette party destination).

The average strip shows that feature guy dancers and strippers will last more or less 20 minutes. According to people who watched these shows, this amount of time is too long for ladies night and too short for gay shows. Club ladies’ nights are usually hosted by gay entertainers or drag queens and feature at least two strippers or dancers.

In some places, some shows only have one stripper, and in some cases, one person is booked for two shows; the first one being a striptease and the second one is with full nudity. Despite some demotivating “get them off” heckling from paying customers during ladies’ night.

The dancer is unlikely to stop their show short. Oftentimes, it is a habit to offend the host (which is the drag queen) who sometimes acts as the booking agent as well. If these workers cut their show short, the drag queen will need to fill the void left by the previous stripper.

Usually, ladies nights are occasional or seasonal in nature. Their busiest time is between the month of November and December. The month of January and February are considered their off-season. Dancers attempt to increase their income during lady’s night by selling posters of or Polaroid pictures of the ladies in the arms of the dancers.

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The advancement in technology (digital cameras, smartphones and digital SLR’s) is starting to diminish the effectiveness of this practice. People think that the two to three dollars for a simple Polaroid picture of a stripper is too steep. There has been some debate about the rapid decline of this profession on the straight scene.

The consensus is that the first wave arrived during the popularity of Chippendale at the dawn of the ’80s and received another push during the early and mid-90’s when the movie The Full Monty hit the theaters. It signaled the arrival of new strippers and the increase in demand for clubs to hold ladies’ nights and organize shows. Ironically, the movie led to the decline in the number of available jobs for the established dancers because of the sudden influx of new breed of workers outweighing the sudden increase in demand.

Today, a lot of these relics from ten, twenty or thirty years ago are still offering their services. If you go to gay bars and strip clubs, you can see workers still doing their thing in their early 40’s to late ’50s. Despite that, they are still allowed to go back to their usual jobs, therefore what they are doing must be right in the eyes of their employers.

All of the dancers from the golden age are saying that jobs today is not as good as it was during the golden era. Apparently, the money they are earning are down, and the demands for stripers are less. Because of the nature of these shows, male workers (at least gay workers that do not have prejudice) survive during the off-season by performing shows in gay bars.

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These vary from small gay bars in rural areas to large clubs that have weekly theme nights. A lot of these gay bars and clubs have strippers that have a fixed job, at least once a week in the hopes of bringing the clients in to consume their food and liquor. But, despite all of the efforts, the gay scene is still on a steady decline.

A lot of venues that used to have bars that perform stripteases and sexual dancing have ceased to exist and changed their form of entertainment. In the United States fifteen years ago, there are at least 50 to 100 strip clubs or bars in every major city.

Now, the number of bars is starting to decrease. Organizers and business owners said that the shows they organize could only attract groups of hardcore regulars who are only there to watch the performance and not buying any food or drinks. Some customers are complaining about the lack of fresh faces, and some are merely saying that the industry is starting to be extinct because you can simply watch these types of shows on the internet at the comfort of your home.

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