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Health insurance today is nothing less than a mandatory investment you must make as soon as you start earning. Not only does it give you the much-needed financial support in times of health crisis, but it also gives you mental peace. Apart from all these, the rising health issues and awareness has further motivated people to make suitable investments in the early stages of their life.


However, amidst the myriad of options available in the market, the real dilemma starts when you have to pick the best health insurance in India. Because there is much competition and a number of options, confusion is obvious. To sort out your problem and help you make the right choice, here mentioned are some key parameters that your health insurance must have. Check out the pointers given below-


  1. Family Plan, a Better Choice?

You mostly get two types of health insurance plans in India to choose from, family health insurance plans or individual plans. If you are a bachelor, an individual health insurance plan may be suitable to some extent. However, it can prove to be a better choice if you go with a family health insurance plan.


Family floater plans let your whole family enjoy the benefit of a health plan. Anyone among the list of insured family members can avail of the benefit when needed. In this way, you do not have to purchase a health insurance plan for every individual in your family.


  1. Comparison is a Must

While you are deciding to buy the best health insurance in India, make sure you compare the quotes online without fail. While shortlisting, you must realise the ground reality of the insurance companies. For this, you need to compare the quotes, read the reviews of the customers, etc. Once done with comparison, you will definitely have a few promising options left in your bucket and the decision will become way easier.


  1. Maximum Coverage Under Budget

There are several covers that are common to most health insurance plans. However, in order to get the best health insurance in India, you need to choose a plan that is offering maximum cover under your budget. For instance, if pre-existing medical conditions are your need, make sure your chosen plan includes this coverage. Accordingly, you need to prioritise your covers and pick a plan.


  1. Check Out the Waiting Period

For several pre-existing diseases, there is a certain waiting period until which you cannot make any claims for medical treatment. So, before you sign up for a health insurance plan in India, make sure you check the waiting period for claims. Try to go for a plan that mandates a short-waiting period.

So, even if you require immediate health insurance aid, you can resort to your health insurance provider without any hassle!


  1. Wider The Network, Better the Services

Network hospitals are the ones where you can avail the benefit of cashless treatment. On your behalf, your health insurance company pays the bill. So, you need not make any payment to the hospital.

While you are surfing about a health insurance plan, do check the number of network hospitals they have so you do not have to rush during times of emergency.


  1. Claim Settlement Ratio Reveals a Lot

The claim settlement ratio of a health insurance company reveals how many claims are settled out of the registered claims. The higher the claim settlement ratio, the higher will be your chances of getting your claim settled. The best health insurance in India may have a claim settlement ratio as high as 95% plus.


  1. Lifetime Renewability Plans

The renewability period of a health insurance plan decides how long you can avail of the benefits of the particular plan. After one policy period, you need to renew the plan by paying the charges to continue the benefits and services. So, the longer the renewability duration will be, the longer you will be able to benefit.


  1. The Right Add-Ons Make a Difference

One health insurance plan may not cover all the benefits and services that you may desire. Even the best health insurance in India may not be able to cover all the features. But you need not worry about your preferences. You can include them in the list of features by purchasing the right add-on for your health insurance plan. So, once you finalise a plan, make sure the add-ons you are looking for are available for you.




Try to get your hands on the ones that include the maximum of these parameters, and you will definitely land up on the best health insurance in India. Reading the online reviews can give better clarity. You may also resort to an agent to make the most appropriate decision. Every health insurance plan strives to serve the best and the maximum. However, it totally depends on your preferences and priorities that one may seem most suitable for you. Make a wise decision!

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