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chronic knee pain

chronic knee pain

Persistent knee pain, swelling, or tightness in the knees is known as chronic knee pain. The side effects can differ contingent upon the reason for the knee torment. Ongoing knee torment can result from a large number of conditions. The simplest things can seem nearly impossible when you have chronic knee pain. Walking and sitting down can both be incredibly painful.

 Chronic knee pain Vs Common knee pain

Consult orthopedic online as it is important to differentiate between chronic knee pain and common knee pain. Common knee pain is due to an obvious reason or accident. It goes away with some minor home remedies or heals with time.  But chronic knee pain is caused due to a bunch of reasons. The quality of pain here disrupts one’s routine. Being able to do simple tasks like walking and sitting up becomes a gyp. If left untreated disrupts the quality of life. There are diverse therapies available.

What causes chronic knee pain? 


Certain lifestyles are more prone to developing chronic knee pain. Someone that engages in strenuous, vigorous physical activities, workouts, and sports without a proper warm-up or rest and recovery routine. Like people that work in labor-intensive jobs like construction, hospitality, bakeries, and farming.

People who are obese and are only gaining weight due to their sedimentary lifestyle, hectic work engagements that do not allow for time to focus on healthy eating habits, and physical activity.


Traumatic knee injuries can result from a fall from a height, being struck directly in the knee, a severe abrupt movement, or rigorous resistance training.

  • Medical Conditions

 Infections associated with degenerative tissue conditions like osteoarthritis Obesity-related auto-inflammatory diseases, such as tendinitis from rheumatoid arthritis, can cause pain when climbing stairs. Baker’s cyst, which occurs when fluid, collects behind the knee, chondromalacia patella, a type of arthritis, and a tumor, either benign or malignant, in the knee.

  •         Obesity

Weight gain and obesity are two main causes of chronic knee discomfort. Based on a study released in 2011 in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the prevalence of knee pain increased by 65% in the United States between 1971 and 2004. According to the study, the growth in obesity is mostly to blame.

  • ·      Gout

A metabolic caused due to the crystallization of uric acid in the joints brought on by gout, people with the condition may have knee pain. Inflammation that is painful can be the outcome. This may also have an impact on knee movement.

Symptoms of chronic knee pain

The symptoms of chronic knee pain are unique for each individual and the severity of the pain too. Symptoms of chronic knee discomfort include Persistent aching when the joint with chronic pain is used even for simplest activities and movement, piercing pain, and experiencing chronic knee pain upon touching the spot of pain accompanied by swelling.


Chronic knee pain can be treated. Your best course of treatment depends depend on the kind of chronic knee pain you are dealing with. Life after Total Knee Replacement depends on the underlying cause of the issue, the doctor might advise. A pain management regimen, like a mild intensity exercise program, knee rest, or knee support surgery. There is a multitude of choices for treatment, here are some:


Your health care provider may prescribe physical therapy or just exercises to do on your own at home, depending on the reason for your chronic knee discomfort, or recommend a professional for guided physical therapy. Depending on your lifestyle and regular physical activities, doctors recommend particular exercises without hurting, relieving some of the pressure off the injured one, and also invest in a supportive leg brace or a gadget to raise your foot’s arch in order to disperse your weight.

Pain Management Medication

Anti-inflammatory pills are among the painkillers that will lessen the discomfort and swelling.


Injections provide pain relief for several months. Common elements used in pain-relieving medication through injections are –


  • Corticosteroids:  This medication helps to lessen arthritic symptoms and inflammation

  • Hyaluronic acid:  This acid imitates the natural fluid that keeps the knees lubricated. It can endure for several months while enhancing mobility and easing joint pain.

  • Platelet-rich plasma: It is a mixture of your own body’s platelets that works as a healer of injuries and thus works well for chronic knee pain.


The greatest option for addressing chronic knee pain is surgery although it is always kept as a last option due to its highly invasive nature. So, surgery means:

  • Trying to repair the injury, such as by mending a ripped ligament or harmed So, surgery means to attempt to repair the injury, such as by mending a ripped ligament or harmed cartilage. 


  • Another choice is to replace the knee entirely or in part. Only the severely damaged portions of the knee are replaced with partial knee surgery using metal and plastic prosthetic pieces or a full knee replacement involves replacing the whole knee with an artificial limb.


A healthy diet and regular exercise routine can help lower the risk of developing several of the issues that lead to chronic knee pain. We advise getting a medical diagnosis by a professional to get knee pain relief in Naples. This minimizes the chance of increased agony and poor life quality. Prevention is always better than cure. Do; adopt preventative methods against chronic knee pain if you find yourself at risk of it.

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