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Organizing your home when you have just moved in is like painting on a blank canvas. Since most items are boxed, you can scoop out a little of everything and configure it strategically and easily to make this order last longer. If you’re moving into your new home, we’ve shared 8 simple tips to get you started before and after your move. take notes!

  1. Throw away what you don’t need

When we see the need to leave our old home and put everything in boxes, we realize all the things that were taking up useless space because they no longer worked, we did not like it or we did not like it We just did not use it. So waste that time or get rid of all the things that can’t go with you.

  1. Evaluate and then save

One of the mistakes we make is putting all kinds of things in the same box instead of dividing them into the same kinds of things. This tip is very useful when you come to your new home and need to find something special or when you want to start ordering because you know how much you have in each item and you can think of a place more easily than you. You have to make a budget. Remember to label your boxes so you don’t have to go through them.

  1. Avoid strategy

Just as it’s easy to archive things by category, it’s also easy to archive them based on how you use them. For example, crockery and cutlery. When you arrive at your new home, you will be offered food. Hands will need plates, glasses, and cutlery. However, the daily dishes that you use at meals with your friends or family are not the same. That’s why you keep what you use the most and what you don’t use. So once you start managing everything, you can skip the areas that you use the least and the areas that you use most easily in the areas that are more easily accessible.

  1. Rely on storage accessories

Usually when we think of storing everything for this purpose, we think of ordinary cardboard boxes and we forget about storage boxes. They come in a variety of sizes and are very durable, suitable for garage items, all decorations for a season of the year, and other things that we don’t usually use often. The advantage of this is that when you arrive you will already have the saved game and it will only be a matter of assigning them a specific place where they will occupy the new house.

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After entering

  1. Pack slowly

Ideally, tear it up so things in your house or apartment don’t stand out. If you’ve taken steps to fix things based on how you use them, open up the things you won’t use so much that you leave them behind and when you want to get them, you’ll find your way. I will not come that they are used frequently.

  1. Find a place for everything

Allocating a specific space for everything is a great key to maintaining discipline throughout the year, as it will be the easiest way to keep your space in place all the time. Make everything easier and simpler, it will be just as easy for you to keep everything in place.

  1. Use the furniture to store things

Another great tip to keep in mind when organizing furniture when we leave our storage space. For example, shelves or decorative elements help us to use the spaces at the top as walls. Capable shoe racks and shelves are ideal when we have a lot of clothes and want to keep an eye on it and not buy more.

  1. Store in boxes

This step doesn’t mean that you need to keep your cells moving, but rather that you understand the benefits of organizing your cells. They are very useful for their variety of sizes and designs.

With these 8 tips, you can enter your new home or apartment from scratch.

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