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There has always been negativity in the world making the air stressed, distressed and anxious. But what makes life more bearable is the entertainment that people have created to lighten up their moods. One of these entertainments is sports.

These sports are either played as a hobby, for fitness or as a career. In any form, a sport is an important part of life. Sports are even a very productive source of generating revenue, especially for developed countries. The sports stars become heroes of the public and an emotional attachment for him/her is developed among them.


Every region had initiated its own form of sport in their own capacity. Some were even brought to them by some other nations. Now these sports have become global and are held among teams from all around the world. But there are specific favorites of every region for which they hold passion.


Here are some sports that have most fans around the world in different regions:


This sport is famous around the globe with an estimated fan following of 450 Million people. The primary influence of Golf is in North America, Western Europe, and East Asia. A course is determined to play Golf where players use various types of clubs to hit a ball into a series of holes in an attempt to make the least strokes possible. It was initially played in Scotland from where this modern sports spread to the UK and then to the rest of the world.


Rugby has a relatively larger audience than Golf. It is famous amongst 475 Million people and its influence is majorly in the UK and Commonwealth The foundation of this sport was laid out in middle age of England. Its spread in the rest of the world took place with the British colonization such as in New Zealand and Australia. It is a team sport that is played with 15 players in each team. These players carry, pass or kick the ball. And if it reached across the end line they gain a score point.


With an estimated 825 million global followers this sport’s sphere of influence is worldwide. The inventor of this sport was however, an American. It was created out of the need of an indoor sport as an alternative to football which is an absolute outdoor game. It is a safe sport, likely to cause fewer accidents. This is also a team play having five players in each team. The goal is to make a successful shoot of the ball through a 10 feet elevated hoop.

Table Tennis

This indoor game also enjoys the prestige of being a global game. It is played by almost 875 Million Fans around the world. It first began in England in the 19th Century as the sports lawn tennis’s mini version. It is widely also referred as “Ping Pong”. It is played between two small teams (two to four players in each) on a hard table with rackets. You’re supposed to hit a lightweight ball over the net attached to the table.


Volleyball is primarily seen to be played in North America, and Western Europe. It is followed by approx. 900 million fans, another sport that was created in the US. The inventor borrowed elements from tennis, basketball, baseball and handball’s elements. It has evolved with time and today’s modern form is played between two teams of 6 players. Both the team throws the ball over the net attempting to make least drops.


The global following of this sport is estimated to around 1 billion. Different versions of this same sport have been believed to be played by the Romans, the Greeks, and Egyptians. However, the popularity of its modern form spread from France. From there, it was spread to different regions of the world like Europe. The team play of one or two player is carried out by bouncing the tennis ball over the net that is installed in the middle of both the teams. A racket is used to hit the ball. If the opponent fails to throw back the ball in the right direction the point if earned by the team. The court for this sport is rectangular.

Field Hockey

There is an estimate of 2 billion fans of field hockey. The primary sphere of influence of this sport is in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. The modern field hockey is a sport that was first played in the 1800s in England. The ball is driven around with a stick by the players. It is very identical to soccer except that feet aren’t used in field hockey to kick the ball. It’s a widely played sport in Australia, Pakistan and India.


There are around 2.5 billion fans estimated globally. Its influence is however more common in United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries. This sport starts to take place in the 16th Century England. With that Cricket was made the national sport of the country in the 18th Century. It includes two teams, each of eleven players. The focus of both the teams is to make a high score against the other team and then the other team chases that score. In modern times cricket has gained overwhelming popularity in the ex-British colonies such as Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Australia, and Pakistan.


Association football (Soccer)

This sport is the most popular and people’s favorite in the world. The estimate is that almost half of the world considers itself a fan of association football (soccer). Around 4 billion people follow this sport. Tracing back to the start it is found that ancient soccer roots to China from 2nd Century. The Japanese, Romans, and Greeks are also believed to be in the probable nations who were the first players of it.

However, the modern soccer was initiated in England. After which it gained massive popularity and started spreading in various other regions of the world. Europe and Americas has more fans of football than in any other continent. There are two goals set in the field and two teams of 11 players play the game. Both the teams aim to drive the ball towards and into the goal which is being defended by a player of the opposing team.

Adapting a sport in your life is a very healthy activity – be it for the mind or for the body.Hence, if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, Martial Arts or playing sports is the best you can do.


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