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PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY, Calif. -- Five members of the Presidio garrison staff training to become certified Spartan SGX Trainers participated in Spartan Race's 2016 AT&T Park Sprint at AT&T Park in San Francisco, May 14. The three mile plus course featured over 20 obstacles strewn along the stadium that is home to Major League Baseball's San Francisco Giants. The five garrison employees, including garrison commander Col. Paul Fellinger, have attended workshops and online coursework as part of their certification in an effort to help bring fitness opportunities to those who work or are stationed at the Presidio. Twenty-five race entrance slots were also donated by Spartan Races for service members to participate in the May 14 AT&T Park race. Donation recipients were chosen during a fitness competition held at the Presidio on March 4. <a href="" rel="nofollow">Official Presidio of Monterey Web site</a> <a href="" rel="nofollow">Official Presidio of Monterey Facebook</a> PHOTO by Steven L. Shepard, Presidio of Monterey Public Affairs.

The special features of spartan race

When performing spartan race you can be registered as one of the most promising and durable athletes in the world. This race has been characterized as the toughest of all and requires the best athletic footwear you can possibly get.
The race is starting from flat level and can get up to the mountains for increased difficulty. This is where most of the people are abandoning, the point that the aerobic exercise is starting to acquire dynamic characteristics and needs more physical power to withstand the adverse conditions.
The race is a straight line from beginning to finish and can measure up to 200 miles of constant running. Apparently, these are divided into several hours of running and three different days of competing. There is little time to rest your feet and this is the reason that your shoes must be of extreme quality.

Selection of spartan race shoes

Lately, the footwear industry has shown some significant improvement in its feet supporting technology. Technological advances and innovations can easily be presented to the public and be widely understood.
First, there is the total reconstruction of the insoles. Being one of the most sensitive parts of the shoes, constantly in close touch to the footbed, the insoles are featuring a revolutionary cushioning system. This is adequately supporting the heel and foot arch areas where most of the adverse powers are being exerted.
To continue, there is also the upper mesh and shaft which have been exclusively redesigned to offer an unprecedented comfort level to the user. An athlete that is in a continuous state of running needs a lightweight pair of shoes that will be breathable and easy to put on. The mesh can guarantee the support of the foot arch and the textiles can make the heat containment of the feet an easy task.
Finally, the issue of the outsole is the one giving a headache to the spartan race shoe designers. This part of the shoe has the highest rate of direct friction to the ground and must have two opposite abilities: being solid and rigid to ensure durability while being flexible enough to provide enough mobility to the toe fingers and the metatarsal area. Both are combined in the newest models of spartan race shoes and improve the stability and satisfaction of the user during the race.

Precautions needed to be taken to perform a spartan race

Most of the participants in spartan races are well-trained people with higher intelligence and great adaptability to the ever-changing environment. However, since life is unpredictable you need to take extra precautions when you are about to begin this demanding race.

First, you need to control your weight efficiently. The lower weight may not necessarily mean a greater muscle system and you must be cautious to offer yourself time to develop your muscles in order to undertake the pressure of the race. Besides, having some more weight may reflect the overall health of your skeleton and give you more incentives to continue running.

Additionally, you have to give extra attention to the nutrition you get. Muscles need a lot of proteins to start developing and your skeletal system needs more nutrients to be solid and flexible. The ability to adopt a regular diet can offer you greater durability when performing the spartan race.

Final thoughts on spartan race shoes

The shoes that are applicable to spartan race belong to the most highly sophisticated types of footwear available for the modern type of athletes. These shoes are featuring best grip to the rough terrain and extreme flexibility to make you feel comfortable during intense effort.

On the other hand, the spartan race shoes should be able to last longer and offer you durability against harsh weather conditions. This situation is common among racers since most of the spartan races are including places where the sunny days are giving their place to extremely windy or rainy ones.

Finally, there is the breathability which makes the spartan race shoes to be the most adequate to put on while training. The upper mesh and shaft are easily offering more air ventilation to the inner part of the shoes where heat becomes unbearable during the race.

Giving yourself the best shoes available online you can rest reassured that your performance will be among the most competitive ones. The quality of the shoes is directly reflected in the ability of yours to compete for the race and can easily make you the champion. Don’t hesitate to invest in your footwear in a decisive way to show others that you are serious about what you are doing.

The more scrutiny you give to your final choice the more successful it is going to be. You deserve the best.

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