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QUICK FIX SYNTHETIC URINE is a product which has been crafted under sophisticated laboratory conditions to mimic the properties of real, human urine. It contains all of the same component parts, so will contain water, creatine, uric acid and so on, resembling the amounts found in natural urine. Attention has also been given to the density of the product to make sure it the same as natural urine too. QUICK FIX SYNTHETIC URINE does have a use by date and care should be taken to adhere to that as after that date, the product cannot be guaranteed to hold the same properties.

So why would people purchase Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, well for a number of reasons,

  • They could be deciding to prank someone, a party trick or just as a bit of fun. You can purchase urine dispensers which strap to your body and dispense the urine to make it look like real pee. A great prank for like minded individuals but take care should be taken not to offend!
  • There are people who would buy the product to use for sexual purposes.
  • It can be sprayed on your lawn or garden to act as a deterrent for unwanted animals and pests. Farmers may use it to protect their crops against the devastation that can be caused by animals.
  • It can be used for laboratory experiments in universities and colleges.
  • Some people may use it as a substitute for their own urine if they are asked for a sample to test, if they are not confident that their own urine would be free of drugs for example. Quick Fix 6.2 is guaranteed to be toxin free. Substances which are taken into the body are broken down into metabolites and a urine test can pick up the metabolites even when only small amounts are present. Drug testing is routinely carried out by the police if they suspect you of a crime or if you are involved in a driving offence. A new employer may make it his / her purpose to test all prospective employees before hiring and those perhaps on rehabilitation programmes are tested regularly to ensure that they stay drug free. 


Quick Fix 6.2 is the latest version of synthetic urine. It is laboratory tried and tested and as tests become more sophisticated and change, so does the technology involved with the product. It is a product which is guaranteed to be reliable. It comes ready made, it is not in powder form and does not require mixing.  

Quick Fix 6.2 looks and smells like natural urine and sat beside real, legitimate urine, it looks no different.

Quick Fix 6.2 can be purchased online. The 3oz bottle allows you to fill a standard test cup and allows for spillage. It is a toxin free product which can be used by both males and females. Quick Fix 6.2 is microwaveable and can be heated to a specific temperature and maintained at that temperature for a number of hours.

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