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Want to become viral and famous on TikTok? We take you through the creative things you can try in order to grow a huge audience on this fast growing social platform.

Find Your Niche

If you want to be a trendsetter on TikTok, you need to know what your viewers will like and what will connect with them. Is your vlogging or video editing niche unique to you? Don’t try to create your own niche if it’s not in a space that’s already existing. 

Try to understand what the audience on TikTok looks for and engage with them through all the unique features of TikTok. Engage One of the main things you need to do is actively engage with your viewers. If you don’t engage, you will not be a viral star on TikTok. 

You need to watch all the videos made by other creators. This helps you stay up-to-date with all the content on the platform. TikTok also allows you to follow your audience. This is also an easy way to stay connected with your fans.

Choose a Catchy Username

We all want to get a massive fan following on a social platform. How to achieve it? Take the first step by creating a name and a catchphrase that’s catchy enough to get followers. On TikTok, you have to start creating content instantly as the platform doesn’t support submissions and editing. 

Add images, sounds and emojis to add to your profile. Start Using Visuals Visuals is one of the most powerful ways to create an addictive viewing experience for your TikTok videos.

Upload Quality Content

Creative ideas are limitless when it comes to creating TikTok videos and that’s where a good idea comes in. They are the new thing to be shared and TikTok is the best platform to make your idea come to life. The best way to create good quality videos is to keep it simple and funny. Skits are always trending on TikTok and people will surely pay attention if you are willing to do something interesting. 

However, avoid breaking the rules of the platform. If you are doing something rude or offensive, the video might be removed. 

Making videos on TikTok does not require any special knowledge or any skill. Most videos can be done by simply clicking and filming. Advanced users may use stock photo ideas, headlines, text editors and special lighting.

Add and Follow Influencers in Your Category

You can start following and following your favourite influencers in the category you like to follow. The more you follow the more the TikTok audience will like and interact with your video, the more they will like your video, the more people will subscribe to your channel and the more you’ll get to enjoy the success of the video you like. 

This means that you will easily create a huge audience and you’ll grow your follower numbers to a high volume as the more people you get to follow you, the more they will react to your video. 

In fact, this is exactly what the TikTok community expects from its creators, as this is exactly what social media has made possible.

Choose the Best Hashtags

Search and search until you have gotten the perfect one for each video you post. Find other trending hashtags and search for similar ones that will target those specific topics you want to take part in. Some of the popular hashtags for marketing TikTok videos is #share, #tiktok, and #fyp. 

Check out how other creators are doing it. This will help you to gain some insights and tricks of the trade on how to make a great video. Use appropriate words such as your title, short intro, closing, and review tags. 

Don’t Make Videos JUST to Become Famous While this might work well for some, do not try to make videos just to become famous.

Interact with the Community

Are you on TikTok yet? You should probably start. This app is popular because of the endless possibilities it provides you to interact with the community, interact with friends and followers and take part in social challenges that are trending. 

The video app has become incredibly popular in less than a year, being the most downloaded app on the app store for over 20 countries. If you are looking to become popular and famous on TikTok, then you must interact. 

The more content you upload and create, the more likely you will become viral. So make the most of this opportunity! Let’s say you want to start making memes and funny videos.

Promote Your Videos

It doesn’t take much in the way of social media marketing tricks to create a TikTok account that grabs the attention of your targeted audience and lets you be famous. Start off by creating a different video every day. The more different videos you create, the more popular and effective your page will become. 

Say you are filming lots of great business coaching videos. Try mixing it up with some family ones, or great book reviews and the like.

This will become a part of your weekly routine, and you’ll also be making a huge amount of money. Keep people engaged by posting silly, hilarious, and often, random videos. Write captions that go along with the video to help keep the viewer engaged and entertained. 

This will go a long way to encouraging people to share your video with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Earn Money With TikTok

Becoming popular on TikTok may seem easy to achieve, however, its completely different than creating a network and monetizing it. For this, you have to start by creating your own community and then attracting your followers to your page. 

Using a variety of promotional techniques, you can turn your TikTok account into a money-making machine. By making promotional videos and sharing them on social media and YouTube, you can start raking in the cash. 

You can make your account and find influencers that would share your video on their channels or social media profiles. Once you have discovered a relevant channel that is posting a video everyday, you can add a video to the playlist and start promoting it.


Learning social media is a lot more difficult nowadays. As a result, a lot of people have changed the way they approach this creative platform and now more companies are using the channel to advertise their products. 

This is why it is important to stay up-to-date with all the latest trends and techniques. While it might be tricky, it is well worth the effort.

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