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What Ascendant Signs Reveal

Your rising or ascendant sign can provide meaningful insight into your personality. While you just need to know your sun sign to read a horoscope today, being aware of your rising sign can deepen your understanding of astrology for personal reflection or a psychic reading. Learn more about rising signs and find out how to identify your ascendant sign.

What Are Rising or Ascendant Signs?

Ascendant signs refer to the sign of the zodiac that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Your rising sign is one of the 12 zodiac signs and may differ from or be the same as your sun and moon signs. Rising signs are indicated in the first of the 12 houses on a natal chart.

Rising signs are associated with the outward presentation and public perception of identity. In addition to affecting how you appear to others, this sign may offer insight into your aspirations and motivations. If you want to learn more about the influence of your rising sign and other planetary points on your life, read California Psychics reviews and look for readers who specialize in astrology.

How Does a Rising Sign Affect Personality?

Rising signs are often considered as the front door to a personality. This sign could influence the way an individual appears to others. Whereas moon signs are associated with internal characteristics, ascending signs are more external and match the face you present to the world.

The significance of ascendant signs may extend beyond surface characteristics to account for your coping mechanisms and natural defenses that arise in your response to day-to-day challenges. These features could be strengths or weaknesses, depending on your situation and goals. Coming to an understanding of the influence of this sign on your sun and moon signs can clarify your highest life path.

How Do I Identify My Rising Sign?

Astrologers calculate ascendant signs on natal charts, and online calculators can also determine this sign. It is necessary to provide your date, time and place of birth to pinpoint your rising sign. Once you know your sign, you can seek out horoscopes for rising signs. Most daily horoscopes are written for sun signs.

Your rising sign is linked to your date of birth, just like your sun and moon signs, and will not change over time. Your relationship to the sign and associated traits may develop as you learn more about astrology. An astrologer or psychic may factor this sign into readings along with your sun sign, moon sign and any other significant aspects of your natal chart, such as houses, elemental properties and fundamental qualities.

Once you know your rising sign, you can bring an ascendant planetary point into your understanding of astrology and your personality. In addition to daily horoscopes based on sun signs, you can also find assessments of rising signs. When you seek out a psychic reading informed by astrology, it can be helpful to know your sun, moon and rising signs. These parts of your natal chart may shed light on your personality and life path.

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