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Affirmations are a great way to manifest your desires and goals. They can be written in the form of positive statements, or as questions that you ask yourself. It’s important to include words such as “I am” or “I have,” which makes it more personal and powerful. There are many different types of affirmations, including law of attraction affirmations for manifestation, which is what this blog post will cover!

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a statement made in the positive, and it can be written as a sentence or just one word. An example might be: “I am confident.” Affirmations are repeated to help you work on your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and feelings about yourself. It’s easier if you use affirmations that resonate with you most.

When to use affirmations

You can use affirmations to help with any part of life, but they are most commonly used to help you feel better about yourself and your abilities. Affirmations can also be a great way to remind yourself that the things happening in your life are perfect for you right now.

Affirmations work best when repeated often and spoken out loud (speaking them allows you to feel like you’re putting the positive message in your brain). You can use affirmations throughout the day or just at particular times of day that work for you. If you want to share your affirmation out loud with someone else, try talking about what’s going well and why it’s important to you. This helps other people think positively too!

How to write affirmations

Before you start writing your affirmations, try thinking about what you would like to change. Start with words that describe the best possible version of yourself and your life, such as “I am happy,” “My relationships are healthy” or “I am living a prosperous lifestyle.”

Next, list one word for each situation in which affirmation could be useful. These situations may include things like waking up in the morning, before an important meeting at work, when feeling stressed out after school has ended for the day or when getting ready to go to sleep at night. Write down how many times per day (or week) you want to use this particular affirmation. Keep it realistic so that you’re able to complete it!

Examples of affirmations

Some great examples of affirmations are:

– I am strong and courageous

– My relationships are healthy and supportive.

– Today, I will be happy!

Set a goal to write one affirmation every day. Doing so offers you the opportunity to change my thought patterns in a positive way if they’re not aligned with what you want for yourself.

It’s also an awesome feeling when you get all of your affirmations written down on paper because it reinforces this commitment that you’ve made to yourself. When there’s some distance from the actual writing process, it can feel good just knowing that these motivational words exist somewhere outside of your own head – even if those words only exist as thoughts on a piece of paper at first!

Essentially, by taking time out each day to work toward manifesting more love into your life through positive thinking, you will begin to change the way you see and feel about yourself. And this will result in a more fulfilling life, as opposed to one where you’re constantly beating yourself up for not being “good enough.”

Affirmations for self-love

When doing affirmations for self-love, it’s important to be kind and compassionate with yourself. This will help you remember that affirmations are about loving the person in your own skin – not trying to change who you fundamentally are as a human being.

An example of an affirmation for self-love is “I am worthy.” When saying this, really think about what it means for you on a personal level. For some people, they might need to say something like “This moment I feel worthy” or even “I love myself right now,” while others may find it more helpful to say things such as “I’m smart enough,” or another positive statement specific only to them. Find out which affirmations work best for you!

Affirmations for success and abundance

For affirmations related to success and abundance, we want to get to the root of what it is that you’re really wanting.

For example, maybe it’s more about feeling like you have enough money and therefore can afford nice things for yourself or your family. In this case, make an affirmation such as “I am grateful for all I have.” This might especially resonate with people who are on a fixed income or don’t know how they’ll survive their next paycheck because they’re not making ends meet.

It could also be related to being able to take care of oneself by creating successful projects which generate passive income while working from home (affirmations might include: “Every day I enjoy my work,” “My creativity fuels me” etc). If abundance is about filling one’s time with things they enjoy doing, then affirmations might be about “I love being around my friends,” or “Every day I am excited to go home” etc.

The key is really identifying what’s most important and how you want your life to feel, as the affirmation will only resonate if it matches up with what you’re feeling deep down inside.


In conclusion, affirmations are a good way to improve your mood, feel positive and attract the things you want in life. Remember that they should reflect what you’re feeling deep down inside so that it will resonate with who you really are instead of being just some random words on paper or screen. You can use them at any time during your day for a quick pick-me-up or as part of an evening routine before bedtime.


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