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Copywriting Service

The copywriting service is neither more nor less than the creation of advertising or commercial texts with a single goal: to attract the reader. In other words, sell.

We can say that it is the art of creating persuasive texts written with the aim of creating desire in consumers, in order to entice them to acquire a product or service. We are not talking about fooling the reader, but about structuring the speech in the most attractive way possible to encourage them to buy.

The figure of the copywriter

The copywriters are professionals who master the art of language, digital marketing and persuasion techniques in order to increase sales. But beware! Remember, copywriting isn’t magic. If, behind good copywriting, the quality of the product or service is not there, it will not be very useful. However, if you have an amazing product or a great service, copywriting will definitely help you sell more and better.

The copywriters often have a training of journalists, and usually specialize in specific areas such as fashion, tourism, engineering, law, health, etc. The copywriting is obviously different depending on whether apparel or technology to sell B2B products.

In addition, and this is an essential point, copywriters write their texts with SEO in mind. As good and compelling as the posts are, if they don’t include the keywords that lead potential customers to find you, then they’re no good.

Why use a copywriting service?

Let’s agree that copywriting has always existed and worked. In other words, every time we write the content of a site, for example, even if it is the staff of the company who do it internally, we make sure that they are as attractive as possible. However, even with the best of intentions, it is difficult to be persuasive, because, to do this, as mentioned previously, you must master the language, the techniques of persuasion that encourage conversion, and be an expert on the subject on which we write.

But why is this process so fashionable, and why are so many large companies using it? With the advent of the digital age, the power of words has grown even stronger. When your potential customers come to your website or read a product description, they probably won’t spend more than a few seconds there before doing something else. That’s all the time you have to make a good impression on them. That’s why you need the services of a good copywriter. Are your website, product texts on your merchant site, social media posts, and service descriptions written in a way that encourages potential customers to take action? If the answer is no, a copywriter can make that change.

What types of texts require the use of a copywriting service?

We often associate the copywriting in the drafting of texts to be displayed on websites, but a copywriter can in any event create any type of content focused on internal or external communication of your company. From a landing page, an ad, a flyer,content for the blog, the description of the products of your merchant site to the e-mailing campaigns that you send to your customer database, your posts on social networks,and your commercial texts intended for the sales force, your product catalogs… The list is endless.

Copywriting service for websites

Using a copywriting service to write your website will help you:

  • Convince your future customers to do the action you want: buy your products or services, subscribe to a newsletter, register for a course, follow you on social networks, etc.
  • Set you apart from your competition because your posts will be much more persuasive and convincing, which will make customers buy from you!
  • Homogenize the tone of your messages so that they are fresh and attractive. The website will appear to be written in your own words, as if you are looking the reader in the eye.
  • Convey your messages accurately, highlighting what interests your audience and potential customers.

Copywriting for marketing texts

Do you have neither the time nor the resources to write commercially attractive content? We offer you the possibility of having your content written by our linguists specializing in marketing and advertising in order to help you sell more. Test our Best copywriting course!

A copywriter writes texts for:

  • Product description
  • Blog posts
  • Copy for websites
  • Landing pages
  • Drafting of commercial texts
  • Writing press releases
  • Newsletter writing

Thanks to the copywriting service, your business goes into high gear!

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