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Peptide Thymosin alpha 1 is found naturally in the thymus and has long been known for increasing, enhancing, and repairing the immune system. When used to treat immunocompromised states and cancer, boost vaccination response, and reduce mortality in sepsis and other diseases, thymosin alpha 1 is effective. According to research, Thymosin alpha 1 may benefit patients with severe coronavirus illness 2019 by mending damage produced by an overactive lymphocytic immune system and preventing T cells from being too activated. This review focuses on thymosin alpha 1’s history and modern therapeutic applications. We feel that thymosin alpha 1 warrants additional exploration into its antiviral characteristics and future repurposing as a therapy for extreme severe respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 because of its known biochemical features, time-honored usage, and fresh, hopeful results.


Thymosin proteins are small, positively charged peptides that are naturally uncontrolled. Organic reagents, such as trifluoroethanol, hexafluoroisopropanol, dodecyl trimethylammonium bromide, and Zn2+ ions, capture the proteins neutralizing them at a low PH to enhance their absolute effects, as shown in this experiment.

IL-2 synthesis, conversion of undeveloped cord blood lymphocytes, synthesis of B cell growth factors, and improved macrophage antigen presentation efficacy are all induced by thymalfasin, a synthetic analog of thymosin alpha 1. This peptide may improve chemotherapy-induced immune suppression and vaccination effectiveness in immunocompromised subjects. Scientists may achieve a small but significant improvement in T-lymphocyte function and quantity with the help of thymosin alpha 1 treatment. Increases in the rosette proportion of subjects with T cell lymphopenia have appeared. SARS-CoV-2-induced cytokine storm and the immunosuppressive impacts of its viral envelope proteins may benefit Thymalfasin in such circumstances as T cell lymphopenia, immunosuppression, and immunological dysregulation found in COVID-19.

Thymosin alpha-1 storage

Keep thymosin alpha 1 at a temperature of -20°C. For short-term storage, you can store thymosin alpha 1 lyophilized at room temperature for up to three weeks; however, you should store it at or below -180 degrees Celsius and in desiccated form for long-term preservation. After reconstituting it, you may keep it at 40 degrees Celsius for two to seven days before using it for your intended purpose. If long-term storage is desired, Thymosin alpha 1 should be stored in conjunction with a carrier protein, such as 0.1 percent human serum albumin or bovine serum albumin. Frequent freezing and thawing are discouraged.

Biological activities and health benefits

When it comes to myeloid and dendritic cells, the expert antigen cells, thymosin alpha 1, act as TLR-9 and TLR-2 agonists. Thymosin alpha 1 may increase the adaptable immunity and posterior humoral immunity by activating TLRs, which are critical for battling viral, bacterial, fungal, and cancerous infections. The thymosin alpha 1 also raises interferon (IFN)-alpha, IL-2, IL-10, and IL-12 in the body. For this rationale, thymosin alpha 1 has been used as a vaccine adjunct to boost the immune reaction to vaccinations by increasing T-cell-dependent antibody synthesis.

Scientists may find anti-tumor and immune-modulating capabilities in Thymosin alpha 1, with various biological activities. Thymosin alpha 1’s ability to stimulate the development of T cells is responsible for the immunological response. It destroys virus-infected cells by directly activating natural killer cells. Chronic hepatitis and severe pancreatitis benefit greatly from thymosin alpha 1 because it inhibits IL-1beta and tumor necrosis factor-reducing inflammation. Aside from the fact that it enhances the production of cytokines, it also raises the prominence of viral antigens on infected cells and reduces viral multiplication. There is no one immune-enhancing target for thymosin alpha 1, but rather a wide variety of them. Suppose you are a researcher; you can only buy this compound online for research purposes. The thymosin alpha-1 price is the best when purchasing from Biotech Peptides.

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