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Increase Mental Clarity

Waking up just thirty minutes before you have to leave for your office or sit for your work is so not cool anymore!

Studies have found that it does affect your productivity because you are not fully awake, and you are asking your brain to work on complex problems. You should never wake up and start doing difficult things.

Just give yourself some time to relax!

Go outside, enjoy the morning sun, and breathe in the fresh morning air. This is not just therapeutic, but it also allows your brain to wake up completely. 

Just like a night routine which is to destress from all your daily work, this routine is to get you ready for that daily work. So, if you do not have a morning routine yet, then it is high time that you get one.

In this excerpt below, we will be giving you a perfect morning routine so that you can get into the flow of things.

Why You Need A Morning Routine

There are a few reasons why you will be in absolute need of a morning routine, and here are just a few of them.

– You suffer from anxiety, but getting ready and planning your day will help you minimize that anxiety.

– By the time you sit with your work, you will already feel very accomplished. So, you will have this wave of motivation to do more essentially.

– It is a great way to keep your mental health in check. In this day and age, many of us do not get the time to sit and reflect. So, it is better to take this time out and do so.

– You will get some extra time in the morning to work on your hobby or passion.

So, get to bed early today, and set your alarm right now.

A Morning Routine Routine

A perfect routine is something that doesn’t feel like a routine, and you can enjoy yourself while you are at it. It gets you excited to wake up every morning and not something that forces you to wake up at 4 AM.

Maybe 6 is fine; it is just after the sunrise.

1. Put Some Music

There is always this urge to fall back asleep when we wake up. A great way to find a solution for this is to play your favorite tunes the moment you wake up.

But, we strongly suggest that you do not use the internet early in the morning and get bombarded with all social media notifications. Therefore, you should download some of the music for free from RarBG.

2. Have A Tall Glass Of Water

Whether you are trying to wake yourself up, or you want to cure that little headache that one gets due to the night’s dehydration. 

Having a tall glass of water is very important if you wish to continue with the rest of your morning routine properly.

3. Stretch Your Body

There are people who cannot function properly without stretching their bodies. Stretching exercises will have two advantages. You can get some exercise done, and the intense blood floor throughout the body will awaken you for the other work.

5. Wash Face With Cold Water

The next thing you will do is wash your face with cold water. You can even refrigerate the water overnight and splash some of it on your face. This is not only good for your skin, but the freshness is also mind-blowing. 

6. Meditate

This will take some time for you to muster. On the first day, you will only be able to do it for five minutes. But, the breathing exercise will increase your concentration and give you clarity for the day’s work.

7. Read

Have you been complaining about not getting the right time to read? If you just wake up an hour before you already do, you will be able to get at least thirty minutes to read. Start your day with a little bit of knowledge.

8. Take A Shower

No matter the season, try to take a long shower (preferably cold). Swear you wouldn’t need coffee after that, as you will be much more alert to get to your work. 

9. Do Admin Work

Once you have showered and got ready for your work, this is where you do some of the light-hearted work like checking the emails or looking at your daily planner, etc.

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