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If you have a fitness fanatic to buy a gift for this Christmas, then you may be struggling for ideas. Usually, they already know the sort of things they like, and they have all the main fitness gear and equipment that they need. With so many brands currently on the market all claiming to have the latest new must-have fitness product, it can be difficult to know which gift your fitness-goer will love the most. To learn more about California fitness products visit us today

So, we have put together the ultimate gift guide of the best fitness gifts currently on the market that even the biggest health junkie didn’t know they needed. 

Adjustable Dumbbell Set 

The year of 2020 has seen more of us working out from home than ever before, with more of us likely to continue this new fitness trend into the new year. So, what better gift to give this year to your fitness-goer this Christmas than a set of adjustable dumbbells. These are great to have at home as they provide you with the range of weights you need for an intense session without having to worry about finding the space to store them. 

They are the perfect gift to help your fitness fanatic friend create their own gym workspace from the comfort of their home. You may find yourself seeing them more often instead of them constantly being at the gym! 

Foam Roller

If you are sat there thinking that your gym go-er loved one already has everything they could possibly need for their workout, then you could instead focus your gifts on the recovery part of their fitness schedule that every great athlete has in place. Muscle recovery equipment helps to improve general muscle health by increasing blood flow and oxygen to your muscles after a heavy workout through vibration technology. 

For example, treating them to a vibrating foam roller this Christmas is the best way to ensure that they are taking care of their body post-workout. What better gift to give this Christmas than a product that will help them take care of themselves. 

The Lift Log Workout Journal 

If your fitness mad friend is also a stationery fan and loves to stay organised, then why not gift them the ultimate product when it comes to tracking their fitness. While yes of course there are hundreds of high-tech apps out there that allow you to track and log your fitness journey, sometimes you just can’t beat kicking it old-school with a pen and paper. 

The lift log workout journal is great way to keep a track of every workout completed and can make it easier to spot patterns and trends in exercise that otherwise may go unnoticed.  This workout journal is the ultimate go-to product this Christmas for those who want to crush their fitness goals in 2021. 

Darn Tough Ultra-Light Socks 

While socks are a stocking filler staple at this time of year, many of us don’t fancy spending our own hard-earned cash on socks for ourselves. However, having a good pair of workout socks can make all the difference mid-session. Therefore, we recommend a pair of darn tough ultra-light socks for your fitness go-er this year as they are designed especially for working out and help to avoid blisters, bunching, and slipping while still being breathable and comfortable to wear. This might just be one of the best presents you can give any fitness go-er for Christmas. 

Google Pixel Buds True Wireless In-Ear Headphones 

A workout is nowhere near as much fun if you don’t have the music in your ears to keep you feeling motivated. So why not get your fitness fanatic friend Google’s latest wireless earbud headphones to keep them pumped and ready to smash their personal best! 

Unlike traditional headphones, these are made specially to stay in the ears comfortable throughout an intense workout and allows you to adjust the volume and song with just a tap or swipe. 

Finding the perfect gift for any fitness-goer isn’t as difficult as you might think, and by using our ultimate guide you can give them exactly what they need to help their fitness journey in the new year. 

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