Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Science and technology is something that is continuously helping mankind to improvise and make things easy. This technology has helped us in many ways and has made our life easier and comfortable in many ways. Science has always proven beneficial for mankind.


So, what does technology mean, and why is it important? To answer this question, we may have to look at our past when mankind was unsure about its future and relied on those conventional means to fulfill its needs. And after the industrial revolution took place, this technology became an essential aspect in all the fields of development.


Today no one can sustain without the technology and the innovations that we have done. People can enjoy their comfort by doing nothing literally, and their work almost gets completed. Now the important fact is that this technology is being used to ease various industries’ efforts and minimize the cost of labor.


Many industries have started using digitally controlled and automatic equipment that can work on their own. This has helped these industries to cut the cost of labor and various other expenses. The benefit of using these modern machines over humans is to minimize error and increase work efficiency. 


The industries have started investing in these modern machines that can work automatically without any intervention by humans and need no guidance from any other person. And now this technology is not only confined to mechanical or heavy products based industries. 

Recently, a big fast-food chain named KFC (obviously, we all know about it) has launched its autonomous vehicle that is self-driving and sells this brand’s products. This is a very unique and innovative step that everyone in the world is praising. This inventive step has gathered positive comments from various tech-giants globally and has shown interest in promoting such exceptional ideas.

These trucks are called Self-driving 5g trucks. KFC has launched these trucks in china, and they will be moving around the streets there and will provide food to the people after doing a successful transaction online. The trucks are powered by 5g technology and can move independently without any driver or operator.

These trucks are smaller in size, just enough to carry sufficient food for selling. The food will be kept in order by the KFC official in the car, and then the truck will move around the streets. This is a very innovative and futuristic step that KFC has introduced in the market.

On a screen that is attached to the side of the vehicle, the menus and the price of all the food items in the truck are listed, and after you order, it tells you the exact cost and the food you have requested. These cyber trucks are referred to as 5g trucks and have 5g on top of their brand. You can easily order anything by looking at the KFC’s updated menu on the car and call it on the spot.

The other important aspect for which these trucks have been designed is the brand’s free marketing. KFC has played smart here and is doing a great job advertising its brand without spending any extra penny on it. The trucks will roam across the cities, advertising and publicizing the brand every single time. 

This market strategy of KFC has brought a new revolution in advertisement, and many other brands are now looking for similar options to increase the reach of their brand. Introducing the automatic trucks in china was a smart move as china itself is a tech giant, and people are used to such technological innovations there. 

Now everyone is waiting for the response from other fast-food chains interested in similar types of innovations. The launch of Self driving trucks by KFC is the start of a new era that will make the delivery and ordering of food more comfortable and more convenient. 

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