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Do you remember when you were a teen, and your parents promised to buy you a car after getting your driving license? 

Teenagers dream about their first car from a young age and keep it dearly in their hearts their entire lives. Whether it’s a car their parents refurbished for them or a new vehicle, nothing brings them more joy than owning their first car. 

If your teen has just got their driving license, then you’ve probably discussed the car they want. They have specific features in mind like leather seats, a powerful stereo sound, or great rims, but you think about other things. You know that when it comes to buying a car for a teenager, safety is the top priority, and you need to research to find a model to suit your requirements. 

The following list includes the things you should look for when you purchase a car for your teen. 

Pick the right car size

Even if it’s easier to park a small car and fewer chances to scratch or damage other vehicles while driving, it’s not the smartest decision to get your kid a small car. Too small vehicles don’t offer enough protection, and teenagers are more likely to get into an accident. But also, you don’t want a novice driver in the biggest vehicle on the market. 

Studies show that small vehicles don’t fare well in traffic accidents, and you can be sure your kid will crash the car a few times before they learn to handle it. A mid-size vehicle provides them with enough protection in case of a collision, and they’ll find it easy to control it. Large cars react slower when it comes to turning and braking, and mixed with your child’s lack of experience; they can lead to tragic situations. Auto dealers always advise parents to pick a mid-size vehicle for teens even if they don’t like them. They’re large enough to keep them safe on the road and small enough to control them easily. Also, they’re cheaper to insure and care for. 

Used or new car

A used car costs less upfront, but it can trigger some unexpected repair expenses later, mainly because your child won’t know how to drive it properly. Also, older models may not include all the safety features you want in a vehicle your teen drives, making it more difficult to control it. A new car is more expensive and pricier to insure, but it costs less to maintain and care for it. But if your budget doesn’t allow you to get a new model, a middle-aged one is also a good option. 

Before purchasing one, check online reviews to ensure it includes the safety features you’re looking for. Once you know what model you want to buy, search on Google for a Ford dealership near me and get in touch with a professional to assist you in the process. Find out what common problems the car has and research how much it costs to solve them to determine if you afford to care for it. This leads us to the next recommendation. 

How much does it cost to own the car?

Think beyond the price you pay for the car. Check how much it costs to insure and maintain the car. Call your insurance provider and find out how much it costs the premium for a teen driver. Then factor the potential repairs the car requires due to wear and tear or an accident, and the average gas mileage for the model. The expenses can quickly add up, and it’s essential to determine if you afford to own another car, or it’s best to allow your child to drive your vehicle. You can use an online calculator to estimate how much it costs to own a car. 

And last but not least, consider the safety features

Safety is a vital feature in any car, but you should always look for the best when it comes to a vehicle a teen drives. Look for cars with electronic stability control because it allows your teen to control it better when they take a curve too fast or drive during winter. Young drivers are more likely to get into collisions on slippery roads, but the ESC can help them handle the car and arrive safely at their destination. To ensure that the vehicle you purchase includes this function, get one made after 2012 when the legislature decided it’s mandatory on all automobiles. 

It’s best if the vehicle also includes backup cameras, airbags, and antilock brakes alongside this feature. A new car would have all these functions, but it’s best to check for each vehicle when it comes to used models. If you inform your local car dealer, you’re looking for a car your teen can drive; they know exactly what automobiles to show you. 

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