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In this article, we are going to talk about an important issue about perfume bottles for you. When consumers are looking to buy perfume, other questions come to them after choosing the scent they like. One of these questions may be choosing the right perfume bottle size because there are different perfume bottle sizes on the market according to the different uses of perfume. In this case, we should fully understand the market segmentation of glass perfume bottles, which will bring us many unexpected benefits when we are going on a market transaction. For the niche market of travel size, knowing the typical sizes of perfume bottles on the market is conducive to the right choice of travel size perfume bottle.

Average perfume bottle size

Perfume bottles, like any other container, have a standard unit of measurement. This unit of measure for the glass perfume bottle is milliliters (mL) or fluid ounces (FL. OZ.). Generally, the size of the perfume bottle is usually written on the glass or under it to determine what measures a fragrance is in and which size is more economical considering its volume.

Another critical point is that because 0.1 ml of perfume is usually used in each spray, we can understand how many times we can spray perfume by knowing the perfume bottle’s size. For example, if the volume is 1.5 ml, it is enough to divide this number by 0.1 to get the number 10 times to spray. The following is a list of ordinary glass fragrance bottles size and the number of their spray times.

Ounces Milliliters Number of Sprays
0.05 FL. OZ. 1.5 mL 15
0.17 FL. OZ. 5 mL 50
0.5 FL. OZ. 15 mL 150
0.8 FL. OZ. 25 mL 250
1 FL. OZ. 30 mL 300
1.4 FL. OZ. 40 mL 400
1.7 FL. OZ. 50 mL 500
2 FL. OZ. 75 mL 750
2.5 FL. OZ. 80 mL 800
3 FL. OZ. 90 mL 900
3.4 FL. OZ. 100 mL 1000
4.2 FL. OZ. 125 mL 1250
6.7 FL. OZ. 200 mL 2000

The right travel size of perfume bottle

It has always been a question for the customer what perfume bottle size can be the best size to buy for traveling. The exact answer to this question depends on the customer’s use.

Many people may pay attention to one important thing when buying perfume: the perfume bottle size and ease of carrying. If they choose a large fragrance, they are usually heavier and more likely to break during transportation, and if they choose a small perfume, it will end very soon. Therefore, the best choice is the average perfume bottle size. This size can quickly solve this problem. Also, the average perfume bottle size can be easily used anywhere so that anyone can wear their favorite scent anytime and anywhere.

The question has arisen for you: If we want to choose a scientific indicator in determining the right travel size of perfume bottles for consumers, which is better?

Travel rules (such as the TSA regulations) state that the best travel size perfume bottle is 100 ml. So it is best for your customers to put it in their suitcase without any heavy. Of course, if you want your customers to have their perfume in their handbag or they are going on a short trip, 100 ml of perfumes may not be very convenient. In this case, you can have a 15 ml perfume bottle next to a 100 ml perfume bottle for their choice and easy access to their bouquet at any place and time.

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