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A guide for your journey of being highA guide for your journey of being high

There can be nothing more comforting, delightful, and bravura than apportioning some of your quality weed edible stuff among friends and being high. It’s a groovy moment to connect, unravel, and palliate the stress of a long frenzied work day or week. Consuming alcohol is just filling bare calories that go directly to your thighs or your bowels. Weed, on the other side, howls up your catabolism and can truly help you smoulder calories. 

Phases of Being stoned

Euphoria (ecstasy)

Sometime during this juncture of stuff, you’ll surmount with a potent, almost blatant, sense of rhapsody. All of your qualms and worries will evaporate. Everything will go right with your world.

Deep introspection

During this stage, you’re ponder over the things that you’ve never even imagined to think about. You’re reviewing things you’ve never even thought to consider in your whole life.


It is the right time to decorticate yourself off to the futon and enterprise outside in search of more supplies. But not just any kind of supplies. Remember we are not talking about supplies of bread and water here.


After spending a long day of being stupefied, perpetually smoking, consuming sativa weed, and ultimately doing nothing hefty with your awakening hours, you start to become tremendously sleepy. All of the life and energy has been enervated out of you.

You ought to be prepped to experience several levels of attentiveness when you ingest the kooky weed including sombre, buzzed, and high, inebriated, and lilting. 

Ways to boost intensity of being high

  • If you live in a place where your choices are restricted, it will be possible to know the title of the strain you are proffered. This is enough for you to research the description for some widespread suggestion.
  • If you exploit a plastic casket or the saggy to keep the weed you got, this may wreck the herb’s efficacy. Plastic container can conduct the electric charges, which will sauté the THC-rich trichomes to your plants. Replace this container with a good glass jar or steel jar.
  • Excess of anything is bad whether it is marijuana or any other thing. If you’re smoking too much cannabis, that can botch the treat of it. As your body adjusts with having further cannabinoids in its system, your cannabis forbearance ameliorate.
  • Another thing that you can adjust is the manner by which you’re getting yourself high. Some people love smoking, but will experience a different hullabaloo when trying various methods. 
  • There are a numerous of pleasant accoutrements to marijuana that will boost its persuasive impact. This will help the palliative effects of cannabinoids come much more resourcefully.
  • You should be considering how healthy your eating and living habits are in general. Your diet can be fine-tuned to enhance the quality of your experienced high. Body flab is where a lot of THC is immersed and gathered. 
  • If you have assayed all of this and you are still not succeeding in getting high, we are sorry for you. You’ve streamlined your environment for exaggerating the high and it’s yet not occurring for you.

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