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Kayaking is an activity that I don’t get tired of. I like it and accompanying this is my love for kayaking equipment. Throughout the years, I frequently switch one kayaking equipment with a better one. I’m not saying that this is healthy. But hey! With better kayaking products emerging year after year, the urge to buy is hard to resist. 

I can’ get enough of kayaks. That’s why I’m always buying new ones. A kayak that I have right now is the Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS kayak. I’ll be sharing my insights about this product in this article so read on. 

So why the Journey SS 10 foot?

Sun Dolphin are in the game long enough to know what works and what doesn’t at a fishing kayak, and the Journey 10-foot is one of the best kayaks. It comes at 10 feet in length and 30 inches in diameter, which is sufficient to both pick up speed and keep it, in addition to offer stability when you’re fishing. The material used is UV-stabilized Fortiflex, a high-density polyethylene. This is only one of the greatest possible materials for this purpose, as it’s almost unmatched influence resistance, and is designed to last. And, it is also light enough for you to be able to transfer the kayak by yourself.

Performance is stellar, as the kayak is quite flexible and gives you a steady base, with the ability to shift your weight whilst remaining on the water. It is perfect for lakes, as well as rivers, and will undoubtedly cause you to your favorite fishing place. Though stability is the principal concern and can be well taken care of, the kayak also paddles with ease nevertheless there have been several problems with tracking.

The Color of Sun Journey Is Badass…

To tell you honestly, Journey 10 SS wasn’t my preferred kayak. I was going to try the Wildnerness System or Hobie’s fishing kayaks. However, Journey SS 10 got my attention while I was searching at the web because its color radiates fierceness and power. 

The dark greenish hue of this kayak isn’t very visible on the water. However, I love the fact that this coating doesn’t get stained or scratched easily. That said, I like this kayak because its color makes it sporty and always new. 

Loading Is Easy – At Least For Me

Having difficulties when loading the kayak to a car is an issue that all kayakers face. In terms of the Journey SS 10 in my possession, loading isn’t very hard. This kayak isn’t too large and its hull is practically designed. Therefore, putting it on my car roof rack didn’t make me sweat considering that it doesn’t have a handle on its hull. 

Also, Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS is pretty light. I think this can be attributed to the material used for making this product. 

Trying this kayak isn’t bad if you’re looking for a watercraft that’s easy to bring from place to place. 

The Storage Space is BIG

I’m fond of kayaks with big storage spaces. After all, a spacious compartment for storing things is useful for bringing food, water, and other necessary devices for kayaking. 

The storage compartment of Journey 10 SS, located at the stern, doesn’t disappoint. I managed to utilize it for carrying baits, food, drinks, and extra fishing essentials. I’m even thinking that small fishes might also fit inside. Nevertheless, this is an idea that I got to try doing for real. 

Fishing With This Kayak Isn’t Bad…

Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS boasts a good performance for kayak fishing. Its hull allows for a speedy ride. Furthermore, control isn’t very hard. However, one thing that I noticed is that it tends to get carried away when strong winds occur. That said, I have to buy a light anchor to enjoy this kayak fully. 

I’m kinda grateful for the swivel fish holder placed at the center portion of the cockpit. It’s very useful for catching strong fishes such as bass, trout, and sunfish. 

My Suggestions

All in all, my time with Journey 10 SS is pretty good. I didn’t encounter a lot of issues with it. If you’re looking for a fishing kayak that’s not expensive yet performs great, I suggest that you check this product out.

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