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Some businesses use an actual conference room for one-on-one meetings instead of a video-based option such as WebEx. Unlike traditional meetings, you may have interactive meetings conveniently using WebEx online meetings on your smartphones, Mac, and even Microsoft computers. 

WebEx cloud is one of the virtualized productivity software that helps to keep teams interconnected. It integrates systems for any organisation, from enterprise-wide demands to SMBs, including virtual conferences, document sharing, and group chat. WebEx could handle all events inside an organisation. 

Listed below are some of the key pointers that will help you in understanding Cisco WebEx:

Coaching Sessions– WebEx teaching sessions simplify things more than ever in educating people worldwide. Presenters could even share slides, teach using a virtual whiteboard, and record meetings to create a repository. 

It even has a digital commerce feature that allows you to incur for the teaching. When you go into a room, your Webex mobile app instantly connects to your video device, allowing you to join virtual meetings quickly. The Webex Assistant delivers real-time translations and transcripts, which are viewable in your session summary after the meeting.

Information Exchange– WebEx allows you to organise webinars and conferences for more than 3,000 people. The program has full support features for fundamental aspects such as polls, question and answer, and live chats, enabling users to benefit from every event. 

To help employees stay on track, the webinar’s full range of features include a whiteboard, information dissemination, as well as the option to share their screen. These features put an end to a monologue speech and paved the way for a more interactive discussion between the expert and the participants.

Calling Feature– WebEx’s inbuilt call feature has all of the essential capabilities that you would expect from a good cloud-based service. The program supports pausing, transferring, forwarding, calling, resuming, and DND mode.

You may also employ a virtual operator to welcome calls. Compared to other cloud-based service providers, WebEx’s call feature also boosts supreme voice quality without heavy network or data consumption.

Finance– While deciding between technology, like with any other option, return on investment must be considered. Investigating more will assist you in determining which program is best for your company. WebEx services offer you four different subscriptions: the Free Package, Starter Package, Plus Package, and Business Package. Based on your requirement, you may opt for one accordingly. 

Real-Time Interactions– WebEx is a remote support solution available in the industry, allowing you to save operational expenses, fix problems more quickly, and give real-time services to anybody across the globe. WebEx enables you to provide help to any consumer with a network connection, regardless of time, using a chat room or via a virtual meeting system.

Smart TechnologyWebEx cloud is exceptionally convenient to use. The best part is that it can be operated through mobile apps that are accessible on Google Play Store and the App Store. The Android has a success rate of more than 200,000 reviews. 

At the same time, the iPhone version has crossed over 50,000 reviews and also allows Siri functionality. On average, it has 4.4 stars compared to iOS that has a rating of 4.3. 

Irrespective of the operating device of the phone, WebEx’s mobile applications ensure punctual meetings. The application provided by WebEx can also be used on smartwatches like Apple Watch and other wearable devices.

So this was the ultimate guide to help you get a better perspective of Cisco WebEx. 

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