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Are you tired of awkward comments made about your looks? Do you often feel helpless about your increasing hair loss? Well, we understand the pain you would be feeling in this phase of life. It is tough to face society and go out with friends or family with a bald head. Not only it destroys the charm of your beauty but also demoralizes your confidence in you. But if you get it all right, you can conquer the world with your bold look.

Do you often feel lost and frustrated while searching for a solution for your baldness. Well, we have got your back here. We have got a list of the best hair transplant services in Kochi. Yes, you heard that right, your search end right here. 

To all of you out there, we are introducing a hair transplant cost in Kolkata. We create an illusion of fullness, we are not Magicians, and miracle cures are not what we are known for without overthinking. Let`s go for a hair transplant in Kolkata.

The overview of hair transplant cost in Kolkata

FUE is the most common type of hair transplant option available here. This method involves harvesting or extracting donor hair which is often taken from the back and sides of the scalp and then transplanting it in areas where the hair is thinning.

The average hair transplants in Kolkata, India of around 1000 hair grafts might range from RS 35,000 to RS 45,000. This price is just under RS 70,000 on the high –end. More extensive FUE treatments, including 3000 hair grafts might total closer to RS 1,40,000 in this area, but this is still substantially lower than what you might pay in the USA.

The qualification of the physicians in Kolkata

The operating doctor for hair transplant surgery should be a qualified plastic surgeon that has many years of experience in the industry. If a doctor comes highly recommended and highly in demand from many travelers and locals, they can often command a higher price for their services.

Benefits of hair transplant surgery?

Like any surgery, there are pros and cons, associated with having the hair transplant procedure done. For many, the desires to no longer have a bald scalp can far outweigh concerns over scaring or costs that may worry others.

Here are few five benefits to keep in mind as you research for your hair transplant journey.

  • Better looks
  • A permanent solution
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Cost savings
  • A natural appearance

How long should I rest after surgery?

It`s recommended to rest for at least a few days after surgery so that you can recover. Try not to overexert yourself and limit sexual activity, running in the gym for around ten days after surgery.

Will I need another hair transplant after did surgery in Kolkata?

The need for another transplant depends on the individual. A stable foundation surgery and our physician’s concerns and working to bolster results with drug therapy potentially, you can improve the stability of the hair that was transplanted as well as prevent further loss.

 What are the best clinics for Hair transplants in Kolkata?

Top Hair Transplant clinic in Kolkata

B37 Sarat Bose road, Bakul

Began, Bhowanipore, Kolkata,

West Bengal 700026 India

+91 83359 96794

PLCSC Hair Transplant

288, Flat 4D, Neelambar Building, Theater road,

Shakespeare Sarani, Elgin Kolkata, West Bengal 700017, India

+91 98310 93441

Dr.Manoj Khanna Best Hair Transplant in Kolkata Cosmetic surgery clinic

Maruti Building 12, Loudon street opposite Belluve Clinic, Minto Park, Kolkata

West Bengal 700017, India

+91 98300 85506


Have you spent a lot of money and received lots of hair care treatments? Did you even try shampoos, drugs, and wigs claiming to grow hair? But you can`t find a solution to your hair loss. Hair loss causes a lack of self- esteem and the patient who is adversely affected by this is emotionally upset. 

Mostly these patients won`t take advice from friends, colleagues, peers, or relatives since they are too embarrassed about their hair loss. A hair transplant in Kolkata is considered the best to receive a consultation for hair transplant surgery in India. You should keep in mind just how much cheaper these types of cosmetic surgery can be in Kolkata, India vs other parts of the world. 

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