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The current lockdown situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic is nothing like we have ever seen before. For many, these are difficult and uncertain times where we are separated from friends and family and normal life is disrupted.

It is therefore easy to slip into negative habits or put off any big life changes. Giving up smoking is a prime example but there are plenty of reasons why lockdown is the perfect time to quit. Here are a few reasons why you should consider quitting smoking during the lockdown.

Harder to Get Hold of Cigarettes

Practicality is a big factor as to why now is the ideal time to stop smoking or adapting a new healthy habit. Lockdown is affecting most areas of day to day life, including grocery shopping. Accessing cigarettes is far from impossible but it’s certainly made more difficult and less convenient during these times. By giving up smoking right now, you’ll be giving yourself one less thing to worry about when it comes to getting in your weekly shop.

There are Fewer Temptations During Lockdown

Being isolated from your friends, colleagues, and family members outside your household is not an ideal situation by any stretch. However, the reduced contact with other people may offer a temporary respite in terms of temptations to smoke.

Being stuck in the house might mean that you no longer have the pressure to join the smokers during your lunch break and gives you one less obstacle when it comes to quitting. Of course, there are lots of other things that will make giving up smoking challenging at times, but reduced temptations during lockdown is a silver lining you shouldn’t take for granted.

Smoking Causes Respiratory Issues

Smokers don’t need reminding of the health risks that come attached to smoking but the current worldwide health emergency may serve as an unfortunate, yet timely reminder. The respiratory issues associated with COVID-19 have been well documented and the people most at risk are those with underlying health issues. Giving up smoking now may not directly affect you during this pandemic but it may save your life in the future.

E-Cigarettes are Easily Accessible

Going back to convenience and accessibility, E-Cigarettes, a less harmful alternative to smoking, can be easily ordered online during the lockdown. Vaping is a great way to help quit smoking and transitioning is straightforward.

Many companies deliver a large range of vaping goods from 20 pack premium E-Liquids to Pro eCigarette Atomisers and anything else you may need.

Save Money During These Difficult Times

Smokers will be all too familiar with the expense of continuing. For many, cigarettes are a luxury they could go without when finances are potentially reduced. Quitting now will save you money both in the short term and the long term but there is no need to go cold turkey.

Vaping has been shown to be a less expensive alternative to smoking for those who transition and could be worth considering at this time.

There is No Time Like the Present

Perhaps the most salient reason for all. As previously mentioned, it can be easy to make excuses, particularly when times are tough. Putting off quitting smoking until lockdown ends will only make things more difficult and there will likely be another excuse round the corner.

Instead, use the lockdown to take things head-on, take control, and begin that positive shift today. Getting started is always the most difficult step, but there is absolutely nothing from stopping you making the most of an unfortunate situation, and using it as a catalyst for a constructive change.

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