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Health insurance is a necessity, and there is a growing awareness of the protection they offer during medical emergencies. A good medical insurance policy will provide coverage for a range of medical expenses, such as in-patient care, ambulance charges, daycare treatments, pre, and post-hospitalisation expenses, etc. As most of us are aware that healthcare costs in India are mounting to unexpected levels, the cushion provided by a health cover is a saviour. It is also precisely for this reason that people should review their health policy and upgrade it regularly. Top up health insurance plans are beneficial if you are looking to increase your coverage and stay financially secure. 

There are various ways you can increase your health insurance coverage, as discussed below:  

  1. Choosing another health policy: Yes, it is an option, but going for another health insurance policy to increase your coverage can cost you more. It is particularly true because health insurance premium costs rise as a person ages. 
  2. Picking a top-up plan: Firstly, let us understand what a top-up plan is and how it helps. It is a type of health plan that provides increased coverage and works on the concept of deductibles. Such plans give a cushion to one’s existing health policy and are affordable than regular health plans.

There are also super top plans, which are beneficial compared to top-up plans. They provide coverage after considering multiple claims in a year, whereas top-up plans consider a single claim. Both the top up health insurance plans and super top-up plans start providing cover only above a threshold limit known as a deductible. That is, such policies will cover your medical expenses only if the amount exceeds the deductible. So, it is wise to choose a base policy that will cover the costs below the deductible.

Top-up and super top-up plans are an excellent option to upgrade your coverage as they are affordable than a family floater policy. Insurers calculate the premium basis several factors, entailing sum insured, deductible, age, policy tenure, etc. As an example, Enhance by Care Health Insurance is a super top-up plan that is available for an affordable premium and will be the best option to boost your medical insurance coverage. 

Things to Remember When Selecting Top Up Health Insurance

Before opting for a top-up plan, keep a note of the points mentioned below: 

  1. Like other health plans, top-up plans also come with an initial waiting period and a waiting period for pre-existing illnesses. So, do read the policy documents carefully. 
  2. There are also policy exclusions that you should read and understand. 
  3. You can pick the sum insured that you find adequate for your healthcare needs. 
  4. Opt for the deductible limit that matches the sum insured of your base health policy. 
  5. When the deductible amount is high, the premium is likely to affordable. 
  6. Do check the list of network hospitals of the health insurer so that you have easy access to cashless medical treatment.
  7. There are features like a free look-up period and lifetime renewability that are beneficial
  8. You can avail of tax benefits under Section 80D of Income Tax Act, 1961 for the premium you pay

So, it is time to think about your family’s well-being and financial security. Get a top-up health insurance plan, which will be a crucial support in the hour of need. 

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