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Whether you are the owner of a new car or have been driving your trusted four-wheeler for years now, the safety of the car will always be your concern. Right from dusting and cleaning it every morning to regularly sending it over to your mechanic for servicing, you’ll do what it takes to protect your car. Buying an insurance policy for your car is also an important aspect that takes care of the financial liabilities when there is serious damage to your vehicle.

Additionally, abiding by the road safety rules for vehicles is a great way to ensure that your car and you are always safe. And this is not just for a single person. If everyone on the road were to obey these rules, the number of car accidents would decrease considerably. Here are some of the top road safety rules everyone should follow in India.

Road safety rules for Indian car owners:

  • Maintain lane discipline: Most major roads and highways in India have four lanes. While driving, it is always advisable to stick to your own lane and not keep switching them. You could be a very careful driver, but this might be a hindrance for someone who is driving at a slightly greater speed. Keeping to your lane also allows you to read the roadside safety signs clearly.
  • Stay on your left: In India, the driver’s seat is to the right, and so, it is easier to keep an eye on the right side. Since the left side is a blind spot, it is best to keep to your left and not let other cars overtake you from there. When a car wants to pass, let them do so from the right, where you can monitor the distance between both vehicles.
  • Use of indicators: Often, it becomes necessary to switch lanes to take a certain route. With the help of the indicators, you can let the vehicles behind know that you would like to move to another lane. When used correctly, the signal will let them know that they should slow down and let you change sides. These should also be used when you want to take a left or right turn or a U-turn.
  • Don’t drink & drive: This cannot be stressed upon enough! As car drivers, we know how terrible the result can be if an over-speeding car with a drunk driver was to meet with an accident. The worst thing about such incidents is that the driver suddenly and unknowingly loses control over the vehicle’s speed. A number of fatal road accidents in India are generally due to drunk driving. A great way to avoid such untoward incidents is to hire a driver or a cab service if you intend to go partying!
  • Trust your seatbelt: Never avoid wearing the seatbelt for whatever reason you may have. And wear it properly, and not just over the shoulder! In India, it is one of the top traffic rules to wear your seatbelt, no matter where you are going. In fact, most traffic signals and highways have hoardings that stress its importance. We tend to ignore this basic rule and sometimes, end up paying a fine to the traffic cop. Time and again, surveys have shown how the use of a seatbelt can curb the mortality rate in accidents.
  • Give way to oncoming traffic: Cars that are going up or down a slope should be given first preference. This is more apt for cars that are going uphill because it is difficult to gain momentum and control if they need to halt midway. It is common courtesy to follow this practice as all car owners are familiar with the struggle.
  • Use the car headlights wisely: Your car’s headlights can be a life-saver for pedestrians, especially when the weather is bad. Not only do these help you see the road clearly but also make others aware of an approaching vehicle. While it is inconvenient to flash the full headlights on a regular day with clear weather, be sure to use them well in heavy rains and fog. You can also accompany that with a honk or two, in case the pedestrian is visually-impaired or simply absent-minded.
  • Safe parking: Always park your four-wheeler in a space allotted for parking cars. Trying to fit your car in smaller can cause damage to it in the form of scratches. Another risk is illegal parking, due to which your vehicle can be towed or come in the way of other cars, which again can lead to some damage. Legal and sometimes, even paid parking spaces ensure that each vehicle has sufficient space to enter and exit without disturbing the others.
  • Follow traffic signals: This rule should be followed at all times and not just when there is peak hour traffic. Of course, it is absolutely necessary to maintain order on busy roads and so the traffic signal is the guiding force here. However, even on empty roads, late at night, you may not be aware of an over-speeding vehicle that jumps the signal. Hence, it is always safe to follow the rules from your end, every time you use the car.


As a car owner, these are some of the top road safety measures that you should be following. By sticking to these safety traffic rules, you are doing your part as a 4 wheeler insurance policyholder in keeping your car safe. As such, having third-party car insurance in India is a legal mandate. And apart from that, a comprehensive cover is equally important for the protection of your vehicle.

Having car insurance is, therefore, also part of the traffic rules as it promotes safer driving. Not having is considered to be a violation of traffic rules and can attract a hefty fine. This is why make sure that a copy of your insurance policy is always present in your car.

Following road safety rules for vehicles is not only great for your car, but they will also help you earn benefits like a No Claim Bonus from your insurance policy!

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