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In the past, skateboarding was considered an outsider sport. Then again, despite such status, this newly added Olympic sport has an undeniable influence on people’s style, music preference, and entertainment choices.

From being a hobby or a counter-culture activity shared by “sweaty guys” in oversized pants and thrasher tees, skateboarding now permeated mainstream society, leaving a massive footprint on the global popular culture. You can also visit like this site for Skateboard online.

How did skateboarding influence the music industry?

Skateboarding started in the American West Coast in the late 70s and 80s as an anarchic way of self-expression followed by a band of outcasts. Surprisingly, the explosion of skateboarding in the 70s or 80s coincided with the rise of US punk rock.

Together, with their shared anti-establishment ideologies, skateboarding and punk rock gave birth to a new genre of music called skate punk.

Such an event was also made possible because California provided the breeding ground for both punk music and skateboarding. This genre greatly influenced the music of prominent bands like NOFX and Black Flag.

Later on, as skateboarding became more accepted by mainstream culture, the musical influence it spawned also became more inclusive. Consequently, it expanded to become the music played by commercially friendly bands like The Offspring and Blink 182.

Eventually, the line between pop and skate punk blurred, with the music produced by Avril Lavigne and Good Charlotte. Their music was heavily influenced by skateboarding, regardless if the skate rock genre originators like it or not.

How did skateboarding influence entertainment?

It all started with The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bart Simpson, and serious documentaries like Lords of Dogtown and Z-Boys using skating as the subject of their show.

And when the Jackass crew joined the entertainment scene, things got even more exciting. Being linked to the skating scene, the “anything goes” attitude, and anti-authoritarian sentiment showed by the Jackass crew appealed to the mainstream audience, notwithstanding their interest in skating.

How did skating influence fashion?

Before the rise of thrasher and other huge skater brands, tube socks, T-shirts, and tight shorts ruled the 80s and 70s. Since being functionality-based, skater fashion evolved to become a vast commercial enterprise.

As skateboarding became more and more popular and with skate videos becoming viral, opportunities for clothing lines to appeal to the massive youth market also skyrocketed. This lead to the clothing sponsorships for pro skaters and the sponsorship of the Warped Tour Music Festival by VANS.

Apart from that, this event also led to the collaboration of pro skaters and high-fashion brands like DKNY, Louis Vuitton, and more. Other brands like Supreme, Volcom, DC, and thrasher followed suit, featuring large graphics, jeans, hooded jumpers, and other street-style clothing into their clothing lines.

The Takeaway

It’s incredible how an outsider sport like skateboarding grew to become a sport that can influence worldwide mainstream culture. This goes to show how interconnected and seamlessly woven varied human interests are.

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