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Canada is home to the most talented visual artists. From painting, photography, and print arts, Canada has it. Canadian artists are well-supported by various art groups. Thus, they get to display their full potential in the global art market.

One of the emerging styles that artists boast of is metal prints Canada. It is very in-demand and more markets are choosing it over traditional ones.

Metal or metallic print is the art of printing photos on metal canvas, mostly aluminum. This type of artwork gives out the most vibrant colors out of any ordinary picture. In short, images are in their high-definition once printed out.

Out of any artwork that you could use or display, metal prints are so far the most practical and attractive. Here’s a list of reasons as to why you should go for metal prints in Canada.

  1. Longevity. You can preserve your images for as long as 20 years, unlike when you print them on paper. Papers quickly fade once exposed to the sun compared to aluminum, which is very durable.
  2. Fire-resistant. One good thing about printing your pictures in HD is when exposed to high temperatures like fire; it will not get damaged easily, thus, giving you better image protection.
  3. Can be easily cleaned. Since the coating is underneath the surface, you won’t have to worry about wiping off any stains on the image. Just get a cloth; put a little amount of a glass cleaning solution and wipe the dust or fingerprints off. Your artwork shall be as good as new.
  4. Scratch, Water, Stain, and Chemical-resistant. Metals are resistant to scratches, water damages, stains, and chemicals. This is good news, especially for those who have pets or kids at home. It also means that you can put your display in any places you want. You can put it against bathroom walls and not worry about it getting ruined.
  5. Shiny images. Metal prints offer a glossy finish look that promises to catch the attention of your guests.
  6. Can be hanged anywhere. Most people thought that because it is metal, it is heavy. It is lightweight and can be attached anywhere in your home or office space.
  7. Customizable. You want it as big as 40” or more? No problem. If you want the design to be round instead of the Regular Square or rectangle shape, it’s your call. You can do whatever form you like with this type of artwork.

If you are looking for a sleek and modern way of displaying your favorite photos in high-definition quality, metal prints are your go-to material. Metal prints surely give you the eye-catching art piece that you are looking for at a reasonable price. You can choose from two metal finish options which are HD Gloss and Brushed aluminum. Both of them can give that “wow” factor.

Since printing images or graphics in metal prints are a great value, it is not cheap. But it can save you a reasonable amount of money. The cost may not be an issue for everyone, but rest assured that you’ll get your money’s worth. This artwork is valuable as it can hold images that can be passed on to the next generations to come.

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