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Bratislava is a place you would want to add to your list of places that you have to visit. Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and has the most wonderful introduction to this country. However, just visiting Bratislava won’t get justice to the entire country of Slovakia

There are a ton of places you would want to visit in Bratislava, but do you have any idea what all can be done in Bratislava? You only need 2 days to visit all the beautiful spots in Bratislava and the tourist spots across the old town. To enjoy this place in the best way and enjoy each thing that Bratislava has to offer, visit the countryside and taste the wine.

Are you thinkinghow to move from one spot to another in the city without your vehicle? Then, Nivy is something that can help you on this. You can easily check the bus timings and travel from your hotel to Alza Bratislava or where ever you want to.

A mini-guide for your visit to Bratislava:

The old town:

The old town in Bratislava is the place most common place where a majority of people spend their time. It is compact, charming, and filled with amazing spots around the entire place. being in Bratislava you can not miss the opportunity of visiting to Hlavne Namestie, the old town hall’s courtyard the national theatre and St. Martins Cathedral.

The best thing to do in Bratislava is stroll around the place, in each street here and there and enjoy the moment with the beautiful architecture. It is quite touristy, but is a very pretty spot to be in. visiting Bratislava during the Christmas season would be the best time to have. You would be lucky enough to see the entire street decorated and filled with people and wine along with the delicious food.

Bratislava castle:

This castle comes above the old town and the Danube river. This castle of Bratislava has an amazing view and looks very pretty in reality. Where ever you are in Bratislava you will get a view of this huge castle. This castle has played a very important part in central Europe, from the mid of the 16th century it has been the coronation city of the Hungarian kingdom.

The castle is open for visiting along with the museum, you do even get an amazing view once you climb up and admire the pretty impressive view of Petrzalka in the background and the UFO bridge.

The UFO bridge:

For a lot of people, this bridge is the symbol of Bratislava few may agree and few may not. It is officially called the SNP bridge (SNP Stands up for Slovenske narodne povstaine – Slovak National Upspring) but everyone mentions it as the UFO bridge.

You can use the elevator to go up and dine in the restaurant to get a beautiful view of Bratislava. At night time the entire place gets the lights on and the view from the restaurant on top makes this place look outstanding.

There are so many more things you can do here, but it’s a different experience you get when you visit this place in real.

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