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As I was chatting with a friend of mine in Marathi she was amazed by my typing speed in Marathi and asked me for the reason behind it. I told her about this Keyboard App that changed my Marathi Chatting game, stay along to know more about it in some time. 

But this conversation made me think about writing an article to let other people know about this amazing app. 

So if you are also like me and have trouble typing Marathi or simply someone who is looking for a better way to connect with their loved ones in their native Marathi then you are at the right place. 

So that is it about the introduction. Let’s get cracking on the app, shall we?

Marathi Keyboard With Marathi Stickers

Play Store Rating – 4.6

As I said this is the Marathi Keyboard App that I have been using for the last 4 maybe 5 months and I must say it has significantly changed my Marathi typing and chatting skills. This Marathi Keyboard is one of the most feature-rich Marathi Keyboard App on Play Store. Although there are many other popular Marathi keyboard apps out there this one has really touched all bases when it comes to a regional keyboard app. It is a highly customizable app that allows you to customize the look, behaviour, and even your chats. 

When it comes to looks this app allows you to add your pictures as the theme of the keyboard. Other than that you can also choose from a list of themes that are added on the keyboard. You can also change the height of the keyboard and choose between 3 height options. You can choose whether you want the keyboard keys to have borders and if you want a top row for emojis or not. 

Let us talk about behaviour. This app allows users to change key tap and notification sounds. You can even choose the level of vibration you want from the keyboard. It even allows you to change settings like auto spell checks, spell correct, auto-suggest etc like most keyboards. But what impressed me was that you can select the intensity of Auto-Correct between Light, Modest, and Aggressive. 

But my favourite part is how this app personalizes chats. With its avatar creation feature, you can create your animated avatar by clicking a selfie or selecting a pre clicked photo from your gallery. The app will then create your animated avatar which you can modify later. You can then use this avatar on various sticker template to have your very own collection of Marathi stickers that can be shared on any platform. The app keeps updating templates to give you trendy sticker options. For example, coming Diwali you can expect new Diwali theme stickers templates that you can use as personalized Diwali greeting.  You can even add text to stickers (text can be in Marathi or English). So not only will you be able to share a sticker with your head but it can also have a personalized message or an inside joke you want to share. It also supports GIFs that are easy to search and quick to share. Another rare feature is the feature of BigMoji, a BigMoji is a big emoji that is perfect for expressing those emotions that you feel more intensely. And these BigMoji are super easy to share too all you need to do is long-press any emoji from the emoji row. 

We have talked about a lot of this additional feature, now let us see what makes this keyboard so good. This Marathi keyboard has a great user intent that helps me to use its voice to text feature. With this smooth working voice to text feature the keyboard can type for me. For lousy or lazy typers this is a godsend feature for sure. I can even write in English the app types in Marathi. But for all you who have good Marathi typing skills, you can use the elaborate Marathi Keyboard App. Since you won’t be talking to everyone in your contact list in Marathi you can actually switch between English and Marathi Keyboard just with the tap of a button that is placed at the left of the spacebar. 

Lastly, I would like to say that it is a great app to use and is definitely worth a try. 

Download Marathi Keyboard App here!

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