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A complete departure from our customary lifestyle is being witnessed globally in the present pandemic environment. To survive physically and economically we are gradually getting adjusted to new normalcy, either voluntarily or involuntarily. 

The reality that no blame game can deliver us with daily bread and butter, is now understood. If you roll back the pages of history, we may not be amazed to discover that such an epidemic is not unique in Human’s Antiquity. 

Such contagious outbreaks did not end up only in teaching sorrowful lessons to the world but also opened doors simultaneously for encashment opportunities to entrepreneurs.

Throughout the globe, a rapid pace is spotted in swapping from the traditional physical acquaintances to progressive virtual relationships, in every field. Initial reluctance and hesitation are now turning out to be a survival compulsion. 

Thanks to the dominance of Global Virtual Landscape which has proven handy in gently rolling back to the normal, with the least compromise. Smartphones play a vital part in adapting to the latest technology effortlessly. Some simple exemplars are Phone pay, Google pay, etc., which even common men familiarized instantly. 

In addition, to fill up the voids in emotional communication highly intellectual mobile apps that conveys intimate feel have flung into the market. These ready to use regional vernacular apps are made accessible freely for adaptation.

Feel the magical transformation in your interaction with your loved ones, friends, official entities, and contemporaries by just clicking the link below.

To fascinate our friends and family and spark action in our conversations, the Malayalam console application comes as a deliverer in scattering Malayalam language slang into our discussion consistently and furthermore adds a sorcery touch and brings vim and vigor to our chats.

A little sprinkle of our Malayalam language here and there creates an emotional bond among our loved ones. The freedom to express our feeling and emotions in Malayalam will enable us to strike a chord with our dear ones and will also give a natural look to our conversations.

This reminds me of an interesting fact that, Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, the famous writer of Malayalam literature firmly believed that writing and speaking in normal Malayalam (the way people converse) brings out a lot of closeness and helps the conversation flow seamlessly. Analogically speaking, the Malayalam keyboard is no different from Vaikom’s beliefs.

The keyboard keeps you captivated like a feel-good novel and will help you stand out among your Whatsapp, Messenger, or any chat groups for that matter.

Gone are the times when digital communication was just an exchange of words. Thank technology for bringing in the magical transformation in our regular day-to-day interactions with our near and dear ones.

And Malayalam Keyboard App is a pro in adding the magic touch to our chats and making us feel communication is more heartfelt.

Furthermore, to back what I stated, let me show a portion of the adipoli (awesome) highlights of the Keyboard

  • Toggles the text you type to Malayalam by composing in Malayalam or transliterating from Malayalam to English.
  • Speak and the keyboard types for you using the voice to the text element
  • Create your own lifelike stickers utilizing the headshot work with simply a selfie or a picture. 
  • Toggle seamlessly between Malayalam and English predictions using AI technology.
  • Plenty of emojis, emoticons, and Malayalam stickers to choose from. 
  • Showcase your emotions with loads of emojis, emoticons, and Malayalam stickers
  • Select from the library of beautiful themes or personalize your own theme with your photos.
  • Have fun sharing BigMojis
  • Share text with elegant and funky fonts.
  • Easily download sticker and story packs.


How to set the keyboard as your default:

Download the Malayalam Keyboard and follow these steps to get cracking

  1. Go to Settings on your phone.
  2. Click on System.
  3. Tap Languages & Input.
  4. Click on Virtual Keyboard.
  5. Hit Manage Keyboards.
  6. Click the toggle next to the Malayalam Keyboard.
  7. Tap Ok.
  8. Open any app that opens your keyboard 
  9. Tap on the keyboard icon on the lower bottom right corner of the keypad.
  10. Select Malayalam keyboard with Malayalam Stickers.


Regarding protection and security, no close to home data from and about you like secret key, Visa number, credit card number, OTP, and so on, are gathered. The Keyboard’s cutting-edge innovation gathers just unknown insights for better forecasts and improves your experience.

In this present reality where no good thing comes free, the Malayalam console is totally liberated from any in-application buys and redesigns. With a bunch of cool highlights, the application takes makes your typing exceptionally significant and closer to home and furthermore makes your Malayalam typing abilities a real McCoy to feel.

Now that you are all set, take this Malayalam keyboard for a spin and feel the magical transformation happen on your chats.

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