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The manufacturing industry is one that is ripe to be picked if you have imagination about how to use their vast resources to create something new. It’s also great when you want new takes about how to create something that already exists using new methods to improve designs, functionality, or performance. Rapid prototype services can help us try as many times as we need until our ideas work as we expect them. The only constrains we can face are money, scale, or time if we are in a hurry. 

New Technology for Classic Means of Entertainment

Skateboards have been around for quite a while now. They have been popular at certain stages of life, and they are still used by many teenagers and young men around the world. For a time, this sport proved to be so popular that the guys who practiced were considered athletes. The boards also played a significant role in making or breaking their skills. That’s why these manufacturers offer sponsorship to those who are really good at skating to this day. 

Most skateboards are created using wood, alloys, and plastics. A few companies have tried going back to metal stamping since they believe that the best-performing boards can be manufactured with this material. Their theory has been put to the test, and it seems there is some truth in their claims. The problem is that the raw material is highly expensive, and the boards would be too cost-prohibitive for people who just skate for the joy of it. 

Finding the Right Partner for Your Idea

This changed when they found a rapid prototyping company willing to test their theories by using 3D modeling and 3D printing to create a new board from scratch using the material. The finished results are probably one of the best boards created to this date with an improved design and using cheaper materials. Metal stamping proved to be problematic for the technology to handle. The people behind the project switched to resins, and the final result seems to withstand the same amount of pressure of metal and more so. 

After a few test runs, and the new skateboard has proven to be so cost-efficient and reliable for skaters that the company was able to double their income for the second half of 2019. The new product uses nylon filaments and multi-jet fusion technology to bring together one of the best skateboards that can be used by professionals and beginners alike while being inexpensive and profitable for the manufacturer.

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