Mon. May 27th, 2024
How to Check Who is Stealing Your WiFi

At times, the network administrator job was given to experts in big companies only. Then, networking catches the attraction of many eyeballs and became more popular even among small businesses. Nowadays, the scenario has totally been changed. As accessing WiFi has become everyone’s cup of tea, people are using it either as DSL internet service or as an access point. Though the use of the internet is relatively inexpensive, some people want to access it completely free. Some for their personal use while others have more wicked intent in mind.

You can get rid of the problem by taking care of few things. If someone would be using your WiFi, the common warning sign you may face is the slow speed of your WiFi network than usual. Another hint can be of the receipt from your ISP regarding copyright infringement. Getting such a thing you can be sure that someone is downloading copyrighted material using your WiFi.

Knowing who is stealing your WiFi is a must to keep your network secure. Here we’ll guide you on how to check who is using your WiFi without your permission and how to kick that person off from accessing your WiFi.

Detect who is using your WiFi without your permission 

Out of many ways available, here we are explaining the simplest one so that a non-techie can also detect the culprit. All you need to do is:

  • Turn off all your devices connected with WiFi.
  • Next, check the activity lights on your router.
  • If still, you can see activity on your router, then that’s a signal that your WiFi data is in danger and is being used by someone without your permission.
  • Now to get rid of the issue, access the default URL page of your router.
  • To say, you have Netgear router then to access its WiFi page you need to either type router login IP or routerlogin in the web address bar.
  • Entering the web address or IP, you will be taken to the administrative interface for your router. Here you need to enter your default credentials to log in.
  • Once you logged in, navigate to the Maintenance page to check the list of connected devices. Doing so will show you all the devices attached to your WiFi.
  • As soon as the list is in front of you, you can locate each and every device attached by checking its MAC address.
  • If you are not known that what is a MAC address, then we’re at your service.
  • Every device comes with its own unique number that is used to locate the device on the Local Area Network. That same number of your device is the MAC address.
  • Now to check who is stealing your WiFi, compare the list of MAC addresses with the devices you have. If there would be any device that is not used by you or any of your family member then congratulations you caught the person stealing your WiFi.
  • Now remove the person from the list by deleting it. To secure your WiFi network for further use, follow the steps below:

How to Secure Your WiFi

  • For this, you again need to access the router login page by entering net in the web address bar.
  • Enter your default credentials to log in successfully.
  • Once done, go to settings and change passwords.
  • Make sure to use a strong password so that no one can breach it.
  • That’s it! You are all done!

Note: Some users complain about not working issue. If this is the case with you, our technicians are on their toes to help you fix all the problems related to your WiFi connection.

Moreover, if you still can’t detect that who is stealing your WiFi, then we recommend you to contact Netgear Router login experts for fetching an instant solution.

We hope that you will get a solution to all your WiFi problems reading the post! Thanks for sparing your precious time!


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