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There are many reasons why many cannabis users prefer dabbing cannabis concentrates to smoking the buds. One is that vaporizing concentrates produces a more potent product that results in an intense high and a powerful one that lasts longer. Plus, smoking dabs gives you a cleaner and smooth feeling compared to smoking. 

When making cannabis concentrates, the process eliminates all the raw buds’ undesired parts, leaving only the pure compounds, cannabinoids, and terpenes. Although dabbing still involves inhaling the smoke or vapor, it delivers a pure substance. So how do you smoke dabs?

To smoke dabs, you have to find vape kits to buy from a reputable store. Dabbing rigs come into two types, the traditional one and the advanced electronic one, also known as an e-rig. Both work similarly, but they are different in terms of features. The electronic dab rig uses a battery and a temperature sensor that allows you to fine-tune your dabbing experience depending on the specific concentrates you are using.

How to smoke dabs

Before you start dabbing, you need to gather these essential equipment:

  • An e-rig or a traditional dab rig.
  • Torch if you have the traditional dab rig.
  • Your concentrate of choice.
  • Water.
  • Dabber.
  • Cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol for cleaning the dab rig after use.

Prep your dab and rig

The first step is to have your dab ready and a dabber. A dabber is a tool you use to manipulate concentrates for dabbing. They come in various styles and shapes that resemble dentistry tools. But typically, a dabber features a sharp point and a flattened scoop on the other end. 

A dabber is what you use to get the cannabis concentrate onto the dab rig or the hot nail of the dab rig without burning yourself. Note that different dabbers may be suitable for some types of concentrates while some can handle various types. Scoop the right amount of concentrate with your dabber and place it on the side. Ensure the base of your dab rig has some water and if not, add some.

Set the temperature or heat your nail

If using an e-rig, set the temperature to your desired level and wait for it to heat up. In most electronic rigs, you will only need to wait seconds for them to heat up, while in a traditional dab rig, you have to light the torch and heat the nail until it glows red. You know the nail is heated if it glows red. Place the dome over the nail meticulously, then cool for a few minutes because a high-temperature results in an unpleasant dabbing experience.

Vaporize the concentrate

When the temperature is ideal, place the concentrate on the nail using your dabber and let it vaporize. Seal the mouthpiece using your mouth and once the concentrate is vaporized, inhale it like you would do a bong. With that, you are now smoking dabs.

Clean your dab rig

When you are done and the dab rig is cool, clean it using the cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol.

The takeaway

Start with a small dose of dab to ensure a comfortable and positive dabbing experience since concentrates are very potent.


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