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Hashtags create a network of connections and categorize content on social media. Using the correct number of relevant hashtags in your Instagram online tracker ensures exposure to a wider audience, whether you are targeting influencers, brand ambassadors, or potential customers.

Brand awareness

The greater the exposure, the greater your brand awareness. Creating unique hashtags for your business, marketing campaigns, or content supports your brand image and reputation online. They help establish your position as an expert in your niche and make your presence more memorable.An Instagram post and hashtags are as inseparable as fish and chips. They are an unavoidable part of your marketing activity. Here is why: you need them to grow your account.

It translates into numerous benefits, such as:


In general, social media posts with hashtags increase your audience engagement. Simply Measured found that it is a growth of 12.6%. Social media engagement should be one of your KPIs as it demonstrates how your content resonates with your target audience. In addition, if the content generates engagement, Instagram recognizes it as valuable and increases your visibility on the Instagram search engine and on the Explore page.



Customer insights

By following their hashtags, you can get to know your target audience better. You can see who they are, how they use your product or service, or what their problems and expectations are. It’s a massive source of business intelligence that you can act on.

Instagram hashtag analysis: hashtag examples

Once you have the hashtags that are important to your business, you can start analyzing the performance of the hashtag using, for example, Brand24.

Company hashtag

The company hashtag is one of the ways to build brand awareness and establish yourself as an expert in a certain niche. Measuring the performance of a business hashtag on Instagram will show you how many people are talking about your business, what sentiment it generates, and how many people reach out.

Event hashtag

Instagram is a perfect match for event marketing. It is a way to spread the news about your event and attract the attention of the audience: get more attendees, sponsors or speakers. During an event, you can post conference images, some behind-the-scenes images or videos. All of them can be tagged with your hashtags.

Hashtag campaigns

Instagram is great for running hashtag-marketing campaigns. Adding a dedicated hashtag to your campaign allows you to measure its performance.

Why is Instagram hashtag analysis important?

Keep in mind that, in general, companies are unaware of the need to track the performance of their activities on social media. An Altimeter study shows that 39% of companies do not analyze their actions on social networks due to a lack of tools and experience. The good news is that tracking the performance of hashtags on Instagram is relatively easy and straightforward – there are a couple of metrics you can track to monitor your progress.

Let us see what they are

Above you can see some data on the hashtag # TdF2017 from the Tour de France that I was monitoring in July. The blue line indicates the number of mentions and the green line represents the reach of the social networks they generated. The volume of mentions is a good indicator of the popularity of your hashtag. You can observe the volume of conversations about your company, event or marketing campaign. It is important to keep track of these numbers – whether the number of mentions increases, decreases, or stays the same.

  1. Scope of social networks

Another super important metric you can track is the reach of Instagram hashtags on social media. Social media reach is the number of social media users who might have stumbled upon your hashtag on social media. It is an algorithm based on the number of followers a user has. It means that if I share an Instagram post with your hashtag, my followers will see it. Here is how they add to the overall reach of your hashtag on social media.

To get your engagement percentage, take the number of engagements (likes, comments) and divide it by the social media reach your hashtag generates. This percentage shows how much of the audience engaged with your hash tagged content.


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