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From entrepreneurship to gaming, and from spreading awareness about climate change to women empowerment, the youngsters are at the front line in all areas of the world. Many of the industries are dominated by those in their early twenties, and some even have teenagers on the top ranks. Similarly, the music industry is dominated by young singers and songwriters. Shawn Mendes, topping the list with 3.91 billion streams, is a Canadian singer and songwriter who is just 21 years old. Lil Pump is 19 years old, and he is redefining rap with his exceptional skills. Billie Eilish, who stepped into the music industry at the age of 14, is creating hype in the industry. Other youngsters that are revamping music include Juice WRLD, Bhad Bhabie, Daya, Sabrina Carpenter, and the Latin American boy-band, CNCO.

Among these popular young music stars, there is one singer and songwriter who comes from a diverse background. He fled war and spent most of his childhood in a refugee camp; he is Wendo Musaly, who is working his way up to the top by creating music in multiple music genres, including pop, R&B, hip-hop, rap, and afrobeat. With such a diverse portfolio and passion for being a top musician, he is gaining attention from all across the globe.

The Initial Struggles Led to Future Success

Known as Wendo Musaly, Wendo Mbilizi was born in South Kivu, DRC, on November 21, 1996. Babies being born in the Democratic Republic of Congo are not fortunate and are forced to spend a life in an unstable country, but things were different for Wendo. He was lucky enough to be born in the house of Mudibu Bisengeta and Mwasimuke Mulumba, who just two months after the birth of their son, decided to relocate. When Musaly was just two months old, DRC was at the initial phase of the war. Therefore, his family thought it was best to abandon their hometown and move towards safety.

After relocating from DRC, Wendo and his family found relief in a refugee camp in Tanzania. Even though the condition at the camp was not something any individual would want to live in, but for Wendo’s family, it was better to live in a refugee camp than in their hometown. After spending some time in the camps, Wendo’s father thought about returning to DRC, but the active state of war did not allow them to move back to South Kivu. The family spent almost eleven years in a Tanzanian refugee camp.

The camps were the place where young Wendo found his true passion. He made friends at the camps and used to play with them. During this time, they started playing the guitar, piano, and drums, which led Wendo and his friends to start a band. The band instilled a passion for music in the young mind and heart of Wendo. He was now determined to become a famous singer and songwriter.

Diverse Portfolio, Exuberant Nature, and Determination

in the year 2016, Wendo’s family relocated to Vermont, the United States. The move proved beneficial for Musaly. As soon as he moved to the United States, he was hoping to achieve his dream by pursuing his passion for music. Two years after moving to the U.S, Wendo was ready to release his first-ever collaboration song. Finally, in August 2018, he released “Pourquoi?!,” featuring Mr. Oli. It marked the initiation of his music career. He was so determined that soon after his first release, he began working on his second collaboration project. In the same year, he released “Give Me That Eh,” featuring Mr. Oli & Q-Bo which was followed by the release of another collaboration song, “Tú’úndané,” featuring Lumière.

He took up a stage name, Wendo Musaly and was tirelessly working to establish a strong reputation in the music industry. He gave his career a boost by releasing two music albums including GooDLucK, and Kiboko WE. In addition to this, he also released his singles that helped him build a reputation as a solo artist in the industry. He released his EP of five tracks on January 30, 2020. The EP contained the following tracks Pourquoi, Give Me That Eh, featuring Mr. Oli & Q-Boi, Tu’undane, featuring Lumiere Mbilizi, Kiboko WE, and, Je T’aime. Musaly. All his songs have contributed to the ever-evolving music industry, specifically hip-hop, rap, R&B, afrobeat, and pop.

A truth in life that most of the people try to oversee is that every single person on this planet has to face adversities in life. Adversities do not discriminate, and they will test one’s patience every now and then. Some people have to face financial troubles, while others have to cope with health issues. The key is to make the most out of it because no one can avoid problems in their lives. It is an integral part of everyone’s life, and the best one can do is accept their situation and be resilient. Wendo Musaly had a challenging childhood, but he did not let his adversities take the better of him. He fought back and did not let his passion die. In fact, it was during his time at the refugee camps that he found his true passion – Music.

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