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Complete ABCD guide of Google Adwords <![CDATA[Complete ABCD guide of Google Adwords]]>


Complete ABCD guide of Google Adwords


Alternative pay per click search engines. There is value outside of the top pay per click search engines. Testing out new advertising options could pay off.


Bid strategies. Don’t bid blindly. Have a bidding plan, even if it is a basic one. If you cannot invest the time and resources monitoring bids, consider utilizing a PPC management service.


Click-through rate. Writing pay per click ads that receive high CTR’s is one of the main keys to pay per click search engine advertising success.


Diversify. Don’t spend all of your PPC advertising dollars in one place. Not trying a handful of lesser-known PPC search engines can be a huge mistake.


Evaluate. Why just assume that an ad campaign is working because you think that it will? Analyze and evalute everything from start to finish.


Future. Plan ahead as much as possible. Think ad campaigns through before embarking. Set up a plan for bid changes and ad copy changes. Will there be any changes to the product/service in the near future that will require changes? Know this ahead of time.


Guru. Listen to the Guru.


History. Think twice before deleting an ad campaign. That old ad campaign may end up having value down the road.


Investigate suspicious click activity. You must be proactive about this. If you cannot gather enough data alone, consider utilizing a tracking or analytics service.


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Justify your ad spend by utilizing conversion tracking resources. Do what you can to find out what is working and what is not. Again, consider utilizing a tracking or analytics service. Some PPCSE’s offer free analytical tools as well.


Know the competition. Study what others are doing. Study – don’t copy.


Long-tail keywords. Search volume is smaller but more targetted (and bid prices can be lower) for longer search phrases. Work to continually add new search phrases to your PPC advertising campaigns.


Misspellings. On some pay per click search engines, advertisers can still get qualified traffic from misspelled keywords at a fraction of the cost.


Neglect. Don’t neglect the single, most important part of any PPC campaign – Your product. You must be able to convert the traffic that you recieve from the search engines. Do not neglect your Web site and/or landing pages.


Overspending. Use daily caps, monthly caps and other such tools. Overspending too soon is one of the most common PPC advertising mistakes.


Patience. Stick to a time frame for a specific ad campaign before determining success or failure. But…


Quit. Know when to stop spending resources on a pay per click campaign that just isn’t working.


Relevance. CTR may be the one key to pay per click advertising success. Relevant ads and relevant landing pages produce high CTR’s. Don’t mislead, be relevant.


Statistics. Make sense of all of the numbers and improve your pay per click efforts as a result. Investing in an advanced analytics service can turn out to be the wisest money you have ever spent.


Test. Test all aspects of your pay per click campaigns. Leave nothing to chance.


Unique ad copy. Original, relevant ads go a long, long way.


Vigilance. Don’t take click fraud lightly. Be vigilant. But be sure, too.


Watch. Check campaigns daily if possible. Traffic spikes and dips will be easier to detect.


XL. You don’t necessarily have to supersize your PPC campaign to be successful. Start small and grow gradually. You can learn and grow at the same time.


Yesterday. Update ad copy continuously. Outdated ads = bad. Fresh ads = good.


Zero. The number of times you should copy another ad. Be orginial. The Guru cannot stress this enough.

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